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  1. Sorry about the language, was a heat in the moment thing. I was just so pissed off and sad.. But tbh. I think Zantric got some good points aswell. Also stuff I want changed. Its just so weird that they would want to change so much, on such a good game.. I can't understand it, I just can't... Makes no sense, it's almost like they made the game bad on purpose..
  2. Hello there. So I bought DD2 as soon as I could years ago.. Didnt play it for almost 2 years because the game was so bad compared to DD1. Now I have returned and it still sucks. Where are the cozy tavern hostings, the tavern shops you could setup, and why, honestly WHY cant you get items with defense speed stats and range stats?!?!?!!??! Are you completly retarded trashing that? And why, in a game YOU HOST, cant you kick people?! - "Lets make votekick and all hold hands... *** no no no!" And why do minions all of a sudden cost defense units, DONT CHANGE SOMETHING THAT IS GOOD AND MAKE IT BAD. Jesus christ Trendy, what have you become? Can we get the old Trendy back? Or are we just lost with a game that will never become something you can love as much as DD1? Theres just no magic or nice feel about dd2 as there was in dd1. Have you fired all your nice developers or whats the deal? Sorry if im a little hard on you, but honestly, for ***ing up such a nice game, you kind of deserve it. If you can possibly in any way answer some of my questions, I would LOVE that! Since some kind of promise of trying to repair this game would be HIGHLY appreciated!!
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