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  1. I remember you used to get the boots from nimbus reach all the time but i didn't get them the last time i played it.. So have the locations changed? Also do all of the parts give movement speed or just the boots? The drop location list says it's still nimbus reach but I wasn't getting the boots and I'm too lazy to spend any more time there if I don't get the boots..
  2. So I have done nimbus reach a few times and i havent gotten the storm boots so i guess the drop location has changed.. Anyone know what the new location is? And also I'm looking to upgrade my weapons for my dps huntress and tower apprentice.. I would be very grateful if you told me where to find some. I have tried nm4 with random people but it's way too hard :b
  3. So as the title says I just launched my game and my huntress which was lvl 18 i think before the update levelöled up to lvl 50 instantly in the tavern. So do you guys have any idea why this happened?
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