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  1. 2 medallions, neither with health 1 orb 2 marks 0 totems My C5 farming is mainly from 80-200 ascensions
  2. I spammed C3 all the way from 590 -> 1k As for shards, these are rough numbers but fairly accurate: Rate: ~~20 range: ~~20 Vampiric emp: ~~15 shielding guard: 8 frosty duet: 10 Explosive poison, enhanced poison, empowered flamethrower: ~~ 20 Inspiring strikes, radiant power: 0 (Starting to think abyss lord can't get them as drops for some reason?)
  3. Need to find that inner balance ... and after that it's just avoiding to fall a sleep.
  4. New squire skin confirmed, i found him slithering around throne room... Also why do you have to nerf the font size? at 10k i won't be able to see it anymore... so much for free game now i need to buy new glasses?
  5. Or they can just combine them.. hero / def crit chance combined and hero / def crit dmg combined into one.
  6. Any info on next milestone? (Other than "it's gonna be big, it's gonna be awesome")
  7. You are missing speed secondary stat, which is 100% needed for flamethrower if that's the case.
  8. Well yeah flamethrower has dumb speed scaling so if your relic doesnt have that stat it's not usable. This is more of an issue with the towers itself imo. But overally you have a point, a mark without speed is essentially useless and tbh marks are close to useless no matter what stats they roll currently. Crit dmg and defense power are too similar in this game, it's easy to make calculation which is better and with the current setup we have with shards and stuff they can never be balanced, the other one is always better because they are similar mechanics. Making hybrid's out of them is als
  9. With less than 200 ascension levels i think medallion is better than orb, using these stats. Medallion: DP, DS, DCD, shards destruction, rate, range Orb: DS, DP, DCD, shards destruction (or whatever you think is better in this case), rate, range I can't test that right now but if you would i like to hear results, i'm fairly sure the orb has no chance of beating medallion without high ascension and alot of flat DP and flat crit from those points @Exo dus
  10. Well first of all i don't agree the non perfect pieces are "trash" as they are more than enough to get you through C5. The rng in getting those perfect drops (some ppl might get them instantly while you farm for days) is and has been part of this genre for long ass while. All this rng in the end balances out though, it's not like there is a guy who forever gets that perfect piece first run and you always need several days. I much rather prefer the rng loot system, as it makes you hopeful in getting the items and (excited?) when it drops. unlike if it was static system like farm this currency
  11. Yeah let's hope they buff the perfect item drop chances, it took me so long to find them :s i mean i wish i could just run few C5 have everything perfect and be done with it! Screw the long ass farming in farming game who wants that??? Sarcasm ^ Just a question, why are you in such a rush getting perfect pieces, what will you do after you get them (more quickly)?
  12. let's say medallion has 10k DP and 4k DS. Orb has 7k DS and 4k DP ^ This is pretty close to correct values. Now if we get 20k DP from ascension and 50k crit dmg, i'm fairly sure the 7k DS 4k DP orb will outscale 10k DP 4k DS medallion, if there is no speed cap. you need to keep in mind we can get crazy high amount of DP and crit dmg from ascension, compared to the speed which is capped at +200.
  13. Wanna have a go against my balanced 5000 ascension levels? it's on Also about bragging, it seems to be impossible to do anything outside the norm (or discuss about it) without someone calling it bragging. Damn all those athletes who do olympics, they just try to brag with their skills... little boy: thing x is impossible grown up macho man: no it's not *shows him how to do it* little boy: that's bragging ima call mamaTATATATATATA
  14. As i mentioned earlier i would like to see original 4 (squire, apprentice, huntress, monk), using 80-120 ascension points whichever you feel more appropriate, blue gear and only campaign shards. The above setup is something everyone attempting C5 should have, heck it's even shooting low with the blue gear req. All towers allowed.
  15. Yeah but on that video i already had almost full C5 gear on and higher ascension, the build is same i used to start with though. I've been debating for a while if i should re farm C4 gear and reset ascensions to make video of it but i'm kinda hoping [[92157,users]] would do it as he seems more eager to help than me currently. I'm busy farming those ascensions if you know what i mean
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