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  1. As the title says, lookin to buy a traced rainmaker. Willing to overpay aslong as not super crazy haha. Add and msg on steam to talk over, currently got ~70cubes, some traced events, and decent ++s. ^^
  2. Name:unarmed Model:backstabber(smallest it can get, preferably non visable if possible) Description:You too, can be one punch man Forged by: Yourself Stats: Base dmg(idk how it scales)(want it around a 60k glad range) Lightning dmg:1 Block 100% Knock back:30 Hero health:123 Hero atk:456 Hero speed:789 Cast rate:101 Ab1:112 Ab2:131 Trate:415 Trange:161
  3. RED78912

    WTS Coal

    My inv full QQ I've got 83 pieces to sells. Ratios: Cubes:6 Diamonds- Noncap:24 singlecap:48 double cap:78+2cubes Msg or add me, should be on for the next few hours :D
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