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  1. Yeap ogres get more heath, damage, and AOE as survival goes on did you know that while phase shifted as a summoner you can still trigger the glowing tiles possibly getting the restore crystal heath effect
  2. When I was starting nightmare and my towers were not up to killing things alone the active builder boost was worth far more than the points in resistance can be useful mostly not
  3. well good luck with the new games i'll pick 1. captain Ison 2. pet rock 2 3. pet rock 3 4. staff 2
  4. very good of you hope you are enjoying the upgraded one
  5. being somewhat autistic make finding friends to play with rather uncomfortable would like to gift this to a freind because playing by yourself is less fun
  6. small side note reflect beams tag the projectiles as being fired by you, so when the bounced missiles do damage this can trigger your genie
  7. I have just given up playing on this day of the week shug
  8. Kinda off topic, but please tell me we don't have to beat Talay Mining Complex now too...I know it requires City in the Cliffs but if it requires Talay now as well I'm probably screwed. ok you don't need Talay I got The achievement after talay came out without every trying to do it in survival
  9. if you have over 600 Million mana the only way to get more is from other players does this clarify things for you? then you can go to 2 Billion
  10. I have upgraded plenty of over caped items on PC, all that happens is you can't increase the stats that are at or over the cap
  11. Items in shop are based of the difficulty of the last map completed, and your score in them, do deeper wells on easy for low requirement pets
  12. yep you can get pets with no level requirements I just made a new toon and equipped my useless pet that I keep for leveling up did not even have to spend the point to get to level 1
  13. for me it would be the boss fights when my build is starting crumble and I'm rushing to get the boss down before the crystal dies and make it
  14. from what I have seen the reflect beam changes ownership of the projectile to who ever placed it on wizardry challenge the reflected missiles can kill mages and having people hit by them triggers the genie mana gather animation so pretty safe bet they will not work for RTS
  15. i put 4 harps a buff beam and str drain aura where forge turns up she can't push the poons far enough to matter and her damage on them is quite low
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