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  1. In addition to this question, my question is: Squire should have a catapult defense, it is perfect for his kit. What you guys think?
  2. The squire needs a catapult defense. It would perfectly complete his kit. 
  3. I think the iPWR loot on END GAME Incursion (NM2 AND 3) is wrong. Heres why: First of all, I've seem some people in the forums complaining about the little gap that exists between END GAME NM3 and NM4, where, even if NM3 maps are easily soloables, you still can't do any NM4 maps, simply because you won't have the required gear yet. With that in mind, we can look at the END GAME Incursion now. The Incursions (NM2 and NM3) seem to have a strange iPWR reward when compared to END GAME maps. They are harder maps, but have weaker loot. For instance, Throne Room on NM3 gives you 540-600 iPWR and is quite an easy map. In comparison, all NM3 Incursion maps will give you only 545-575, but are much harder... Now, if you take NM4 in consideration, things make more sense. END GAME Throne Room gives you a loot range of 660-700, and NM4 Dragonfall Incursion (or any incursion) gives you 665-700. The reward/difficulty ratio is just better throughout all NM4 difficulties. (NM1 aswell) How it currently is: END GAME iPWR // END GAME INCURSION iPWR NNM1 245-350 // 305-340 NM2 355-475 // 435-455 NM3 485-600 // 545-575 NM4 605-700 // 665-700 Since, difficulty wise, Incursion is right in between nightmare's difficulties, the loot range should be too. You should farm your gear in END GAME, then step-up to Incursions, so that you can collect better gear and tryout NM4. So, it should be something like this: END GAME iPWR // END GAME INCURSION iPWR NNM1 245-350 // 305-355 NM2 355-475 // 435-485 NM3 485-600 // 545-605 NM4 605-700 // 665-700 I think it would make the grind curve much smoother.
  4. Come on! UP! It deserves to be read
  5. It's pretty simple. When you drop a Item on your taver, you can put a PRICE on it. THEN, someone comes to your tavern and can just Buys it from the ground, for the right price. But, you can put the price OVER the max mana (50m) if you just want to show. Or some button like "dont sell it" Tell me, isn't it AWESOME? Sorry about my poor english.
  6. msx

    Roll Back.

    I was playing during a pretty good time, then at the Final Wave, on The Summit, i got a Connecton Failed: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018324218/screenshot/632982837616577073?tab=public Then, roll back hard. about 3 ou 4 maps that i have done to complete achievements. And from lvl 40 to 33 again. 66 to 64.
  7. @The High Five 168 Elemental Damage. @Goblin Overlord's Charge 75 Base Damage, 35 Elemental
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