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  1. I will try this in a second. I actually use the mouse when I am sorting through inventory so this is translating to me just fine. I have been using clicks. EDIT: OK this works weirdly. I don't know why it works with W and not clicks though. Hopefully I remember to continue using W next time I play... lol
  2. You can no longer sort by Item Power. Can sort by iPower if I use W instead of mouse clicks oddly. Can you make it so clicks work too? You can no longer interact with the pause menu on a gamepad Please bring these back
  3. Soul focuser doesn't have special projectiles and shoot through walls like the one in DD1. This makes me lose faith for special loot in all of the future updates. It degrades the overall experience of the game to not have unique farmable gear like that.
  4. We still don't know what the end game content is. Please don't spread misinformation. By the looks of it, people on the forum seem to be buying into this misinformation. Mastery mode is not the end game that they have been working on. That being said, I still have little-to-no confidence in the actual end-game. WAKE UP TRENDY. We've been telling you what we want for the last 8 months and you have ignored us. Sure, you pay attention to the minor things like "hey harpy's perch is really crappy could you buff it a bit?" or "orbs are really bad please either get rid of them or make them useful" or "you messed up base speed stats on every defense, here's how to fix them". But when it comes to the major underlying gameplay issues, you just stick your fingers in your ears and say "LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU". You used to ask us for our input with the influence votes. You've shown us that you no longer care by ignoring the fact that M&M beat Barbarian, and then the outright removal of influence. You used to take our feedback seriously. Now you brush it off and act like you know better, despite currently having the lowest 30-day average active users in over 2 years. I don't know what happened at the Trendy Entertainment office that caused this change, but you are steering DD2 down the toilet. Someone needs to step up, put their ego to the side, and right this ship before it is too late. Misinformation? Give me what you are smoking please. That wasn't misinformation, that was talking about what we already have on the current patch........................... Maybe you meant to quote someone else?
  5. They still aren't listening to the counter-mob issue. They still aren't implementing the very thing that made DD1 special. Which is, defeating certain bosses/Game Modes for extremely unique and effective gear. Like farming Assault for the Blasticus or farming for the Soul Focuser by defeating the Alchemical Labratory boss. All they are doing is expanding upon the horrible counter-mob problem. Also, the "end-game" content that does nothing but makes you play the chaos tiers all over again with low level gear. If I wanted to do that, I would make a new account. End-game needs big bosses, unique areas, unique modes, and for all of them to reward you with spectacular and unique items. It needs to be strategically challenging without 100% negating your progress and most of your abilities. End-game doesn't even need to have higher difficulties with higher numbers on the loot. That is very artificial. End-game is fine if you were able to provide new maps that gave your max equipment a great challenge for UNIQUE loot. Just keep the maps challenging for the highest tiers (beneficial for you Trendy since you won't have to adjust loot numbers anymore besides balances) and make the content worth farming for.
  6. Then there are those with great lives who just recognize that something is bad when it could be good.
  7. I think the mode is garbage because of the counter mobs. Everything in this game sucks because of the counter-mobs. After making it all the way through Chaos 7, it felt good to not have to worry about them anymore because it was easy to over power them. The game was still unfun though. There is no incentive to play and nothing rewarding. With this mode, it feels like I am creating a new account and I have to go through the horrible counter-mob process all over again. I haven't played in a few months and all it took was one map to make me shelf this game again. I have been saying it forever.... Change the counter mobs. They are unfun. And for all of you who have an IQ no higher than 8, there is a difference between unfun and difficult.
  8. Just keep one bag empty at all times. When you complete a map, move your valuable loot from this bag to a different bag and sell everything else.
  9. Doesn't matter what the next update is, if it is not a major overhaul of the core game, it will have zero staying power.
  10. I have been around since then too. I played the Nunu copycat character :D! Trendy would be wise not to scrap it yet. Just milk the players who still throw money at it and use that to fund a much more innovative DD3
  11. It's been 4 years. Granted, the game has improved a lot and will continue to. I just wish they added in more DD1 aspects. No its not, game was just released, alpha-beta are development stages. The alpha-beta excuse is weak. Too much time has passed. The player base has been ignored too much. The "Official release" was exactly the same game that we had before. There were no changes to the core game when we transitioned from beta-alpha to official. The PS3 was still relevant when this game was in beta. That is how old this game is. Trendy knows they aren't going to bring in many new players. They have been milking the *** out of this game since it was still in beta. If I was in their shoes, I would just release new content every now and then for micro-transaction spikes until this game completely dies out. Then try to learn from everything that went wrong with DD2 to make DD3. They would probably have to throw in some prettier graphics, maybe add MMO elements, maybe add platforming elements, maybe add Happy Wars' style game mode, or something else that is crazy an appealing to fresh eyeballs. TBH, a Happy Wars style game mode would be pretty amazing with a DD2 theme :D! Being able to build unique towers to defend your base against other players while you try to invade their base.
  12. Same problem even on the last patch. There seems to be a problem between the Nimbus and the world trees. When I sold my world trees and built new ones, the Nimbus towers started working again.
  13. I have 100 down, and 10 up, played many games with gtx 970, and gtx 1070, and now 1080ti. But it seems only with this game. Is there a toggle to see what your latency to their server? There used to be but then they removed the console, i have 130 down 16 up and i get the rubberbanding as well, it's their servers. Im not sure where you got the idea that your hardware (outside your network card maybe lol) effected anything with rubber banding. I was trying to rule it out also Like I said, it's not a latency issue. The gun witch heal literally breaks the game for some reason. It happens to anyone that tries to use it and move. You said that the Gun Witch heal doesn't get along with the servers. That IS latency. Your own connection doesn't have to be bad to have latency issues. ***ty servers on their end is still a latency issue. ***ty routing to their servers is still a latency issue.
  14. I wish they used a different term rather than gender swap. Makes me want to vomit. Nasty af. I definitely won't be using any of those characters.
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