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  1. Imagine putting 700 hours into the game, taking a small break, logging in, and then finding out that 4-5 of your strongest characters and items are gone. Then when you question it, they label you a hacker and move on like you are a piece of crap. All of those hours of grinding, all of the people I helped, all of the items I worked for when the game was still in it's buggiest state before official release... gone.. Makes perfect sense that a hacker would subject themselves to that much grinding and would NEVER just hack the game to get the strongest items so they don't have to grin
  2. Good luck, hopefully you won't get flagged for not hacking like I and several others have. I logged in one day and I lost a few of my characters and couldn't see any public servers. I brought it up to the admins/devs and they just told me I was a hacker and ignored me. Haven't come back to the game since. Just checking this site and the stats to see if the game is failing. To my delight, it is. Well deserved. Perhaps no company should treat their players who spent 700 hours grinding legit like they are a hacker...... Good riddance.
  3. Signing on after 700 hours of grinding only to notice that my account was been soft banned for no reason is what made me stop playing. I only occasionally check this place out or other socials to take pleasure in the down fall of this game due to the BS that happened to my account :)
  4. You sure you didn't get marked as a hacker when only seeing 1 game in the browser? Last time I played before I uninstalled (over a month ago), I was only seeing 1-4 games in the browser. I just assumed I got marked as a hacker. Which is a big slap in the face after grinding the game for 700 hours and earning everything I got on my own. That is what made me stop playing the game, and I have seen this happen to others as well.
  5. After grinding 700 hours, I randomly got marked as a hacker. Pretty sure this has happened to other people too. This is another big reason why people are quitting. I immediately uninstalled. Perhaps marking legit players as hackers who put nearly 1k hours into your game isn't the best marketing strategy when there are less than 200 concurrent players a day at peak hours. Plus higher difficulties are kind of a mess. Even being able to complete them doesn't feel good. The builds that are necessary to beat the most difficult Massacre maps feel like exploits rather than well thought o
  6. Can you add an option to remove the crosshair? the dot on the Squire annoys the crap out of me :D
  7. My biggest issue is that there are no anti air towers or any towers that are specific for taking out Copters/Djins/Birds Late waves of survival feel like an unorganized mess because your ONLY tower that can do anything about the goblin copters are the DST towers. You can make an entire row of DST towers, but they will get distracted by the hundreds of spiders running around on the ground. You can't really build anything that can focus on the spiders either because you have to use every last bit of DU you have left on the DST's in hopes that they will occasionally shoot the targets
  8. I will try this in a second. I actually use the mouse when I am sorting through inventory so this is translating to me just fine. I have been using clicks. EDIT: OK this works weirdly. I don't know why it works with W and not clicks though. Hopefully I remember to continue using W next time I play... lol
  9. You can no longer sort by Item Power. Can sort by iPower if I use W instead of mouse clicks oddly. Can you make it so clicks work too? You can no longer interact with the pause menu on a gamepad Please bring these back
  10. Soul focuser doesn't have special projectiles and shoot through walls like the one in DD1. This makes me lose faith for special loot in all of the future updates. It degrades the overall experience of the game to not have unique farmable gear like that.
  11. We still don't know what the end game content is. Please don't spread misinformation. By the looks of it, people on the forum seem to be buying into this misinformation. Mastery mode is not the end game that they have been working on. That being said, I still have little-to-no confidence in the actual end-game. WAKE UP TRENDY. We've been telling you what we want for the last 8 months and you have ignored us. Sure, you pay attention to the minor things like "hey harpy's perch is really crappy could you buff it a bit?" or "orbs are really bad please either get rid of them or make them useful
  12. They still aren't listening to the counter-mob issue. They still aren't implementing the very thing that made DD1 special. Which is, defeating certain bosses/Game Modes for extremely unique and effective gear. Like farming Assault for the Blasticus or farming for the Soul Focuser by defeating the Alchemical Labratory boss. All they are doing is expanding upon the horrible counter-mob problem. Also, the "end-game" content that does nothing but makes you play the chaos tiers all over again with low level gear. If I wanted to do that, I would make a new account. End-game needs big bosses, unique
  13. Then there are those with great lives who just recognize that something is bad when it could be good.
  14. I think the mode is garbage because of the counter mobs. Everything in this game sucks because of the counter-mobs. After making it all the way through Chaos 7, it felt good to not have to worry about them anymore because it was easy to over power them. The game was still unfun though. There is no incentive to play and nothing rewarding. With this mode, it feels like I am creating a new account and I have to go through the horrible counter-mob process all over again. I haven't played in a few months and all it took was one map to make me shelf this game again. I have been saying it foreve
  15. Just keep one bag empty at all times. When you complete a map, move your valuable loot from this bag to a different bag and sell everything else.
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