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  1. I will be checking if it's afkable when I get the mods I need.
  2. Maldonis Prime was fully afkable, so there goes your 100M already. As for Surge Prime.. I give it 90% probability of it being possible with a basic right-click+G autoclicker.
  3. I think you should be able to start the game only after Steam stops asking you "Do you even play this game?"
  4. I don't think it matters whether defences can or cannot hit Betsy when you're actually playing the map - not afking. Your heroes should do at least 5x the DPS your defences do. Also, I personally like that you need to stay alive to damage Betsy - otherwise you could just wait it out even if you can't play the game and copied someone's overpowered build. Being not dead is a skill many new players don't have. That's how this game works though, it's a grind game. We're not talking about endgame players having a hard time trying to beat it - it's about making the map fun (at least on first playthrough). When the difficulty is way too low having fun becomes hard. It's not for people who beat floor 900. It's for people at floors 200+, who can just give this a shot without spending 300 hours on grinding through Onslaught and maybe getting repetitively bullied by Lag Temple. For those players the 2 hyper shards will be a great reward, while all the other rewards are for the endgamers able to grind that map. I do agree that's a great idea, but that would require much more work and time which CG doesn't have right now. That's why we are talking about applying fast and easy changes in hopes of having something interesting from this update for the time being, so that we have this content for the next 6+ months while they finish up the DDA. Also, most non-endgamers will move to DDA completely - while most of the update was dialed towards a larger playerbase than just top endgame players, just this 1 map could be different without hurting anyone. That is all we ask for. Personally, I don't even care about rewards - I just want a fun map that won't get obliterated the moment I place a few defences.
  5. This is exactly the opposite. All of the rewards listed are obtainable in the game already, just require an absolute ton of time to farm due to very low drop rates. This kind of system would allow players who are most skilled and/or have prepared a powerful build to get those items quicker as opposed to taking a break from the game, because farming them is too boring - this happens to be my case. Counterpoint 2: The only thing semi-exclusive to Primes are hyper shards. Instead of having to spend 40 hours going through Mastery you can now get those with just a few games, just on much higher difficulty. Counterpoint 3: Primes are supposed to be a top endgame update. At least one of them should be beatable only by the 1%, don't you think? That's the whole point of adding endgame content. You already have all the other Primes accessible by the majority of players. Let us endgamers have at least one fun challenge in this game. So far everything in the game was based on how much time you can pour into it. Let's make this update a change in the right direction.
  6. I think that Keep is an awesome map. If you plan correctly and keep an eye on the minimap you can breeze through it with no issues. For me it's easier than many other "normal" maps, because assassins come only once a wave and you know exactly when they do so. Every time something goes wrong it is due to an avoidable mistake either in the play you did or your general plan for the game.
  7. I fully agree that this is the right difficulty for the final Prime. There is still time to adjust the numbers; I will put my hope into signing under this post and making a difference. As for rewards listed above, they look really well-balanced except for the material drops. 50 clusters is a lot, I'd change that from having either of those to 20 Clusters and 30-40 Motes per game. I like the idea of preventing carries - it's actually necessary for last Prime (wish it was like that for all Primes). It would be best to force players into beating it solo only on first playthrough, while allowing them to play/farm together afterwards. I have a few random ideas for such a system and its components, but since I don't know how the game is written, some options will assume the way certain mechanics are made, that's why I'm dropping as many alternative ideas as I can think of into subsections a-d. Steam Block. A way to block players from joining through Steam. a) Change player limit from 4 to 1. b) Mark session as unjoinable as it is created - similarly to Expeditions after Combat Phase 3 and Mastery after Warmup Phase. c) Set gearscore requirements of the game to an unreachable value like 12,000 (maximum is 11,381 or 11,382) after the player loads into session. Any joining players will be kicked (would require for the current gearscore requirement system to be fixed). d) Additional script that kicks players as they try to join. Anti-Carry. a) Forced solo on first playthrough. Have 2 identical copies of the map in War Table - Map A and Map B: A has Steam Block enabled. B is unlocked after Map A is beaten - the same way Campaign and Adventures work. It shows normally in the War Table allowing anyone who has it unlocked to join. b) High gearscore requirement. Setting it to 11,000+ will prevent a large majority of players from being carried (and give some more meaning to gearscore, haha). c) Limited rewards. The map won't drop full (or any) rewards for players who dealt less than 5% of total damage dealt by all players counting either heroes and defences. Or counting both heroes and defences, that way if only one person builds no one else will get the special rewards (including hyper shards). For both of these there's one more option - it can be done already with 2 lines of code and the developers are laughing while reading this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I hope this helps to develop some form of anti-carry system and/or to convince Chromatic to implement it. Endgame content really needs it.
  8. Last post, I swear. I've tried a few more options and narrowed down the sequence to the shortest possible one. This is the true sequence: Since it's 5 actions long I've marked it on the image. No need for a code this time.
  9. Hey everyone! I was supposed to post this a bit earlier, when the topic was still relevant, but couldn't find enough time. Here is the story behind finding the secret along with the credits, in a chronological order. For the sake of finishing this list today, mostly major discoveries are included. Paloverde zfogshooterz posted first screenshot of the Old One appearing in the cave crystal whenupon loosing the map. gotrunks712 posted first screenshots of the interactive black hats and the digspot at the gold pile. Sophisticus posted first map with black hat locations marked. Random Persson posted a comparison of Treasure Hunter's map and Plunderer's Paradise minimap, a more accurate map of black hats and marked all of the skeletons on the map. luuk_111 posted Trendy's twitter post that confirmed Random Persson's map comparison. luuk_111 found that some of the hanging skeletons have red hats . Nigiri_Toro found that skeletons with hats have hitboxes. Shogun0607 aka Akanbar aka Sho was first to trigger the skeleton animation. Random Persson posted a map of the hitbox skeletons; found a ladder that you can walk up, which helps a lot in getting around the map. Random Persson created Discord server - Mystery Squad. Randomroxas started posting regular updates on recently tried ideas and todo list. Shogun0607 aka Akanbar aka Sho triggered the skeleton animation again, it turned out to play a song too. We agreed (in Mystery Squad Discord) that the Treasure Hunter's map shows the locations of 5 hanging skeletons with hats and digspot at the gold pile. Lawlta posted a helpful hint. We finished putting together captions for the Pirate Chantey in the Discord. Shogun0607 aka Akanbar aka Sho got 2 words in Lawlta's hint. Jose is disappointed in us. luuk_111 figured out the Lawlta's hint. Lagmonster figured out a reliable way to trigger the chantey after analyzing Sho's stream, then applied Lawlta's mega hint and solved the secret of the Captain's Chest. (screenshot made by Nigiri_Toro) Lagmonster and Nigiri_Toro narrowed down the sequence to one shown below. Random Persson put the solution into a number sequence and made a map for it. With the solution being 2 4 1 3 4 2 1 5 (as of October 8, 2018 - real solution in the post below). Special credit goes to monodust and SDiarc for helping with technical side of the mystery. And, of course, credits to people in the Mystery Squad Discord, who participated in the journey: Lagmonster, SDiarc, monodust, Randomroxas, Random Persson, Snek (Luuk)🐍, Nigiri Toro, OxBow, Succ the Fabled, WizardWizard, Soxan, Big D_N_Lil J, moted, Shaidan, Sophisticus, undercoverturbo, Juicebags. Lastly, a more personal thank you to SDiarc and Nathalie for help with composing and formatting this post. If there is something I misspelled or you think it should be included, please complain about it below, I'll try to fix it whenever I can. Stay in drugs, don't do vegetables and eat your school, Random Persson
  10. The reward was updated I believe, I just got a Mythical Pack and a new Challenge completed right after logging in, didn't see its name or gold reward though. If someone did see it, please tell me.
  11. I'm also here to save you all some headaches with this quick post, everything that we have found in game (and in files) ties in nicely with the current solution. The second chantey too, which I was able to trigger in-game. Full post coming up soon.
  12. Fellow Defenders! Those 2 weeks of hard work have finally payed off! This day shall be remembered as the day we solved the mystery that Isle of Dread Expansion has challenged us with. First off, the last few pieces have been put together by Lagmonster, who took it upon himself to find the right sequence that triggers what has been first discovered as "The skele animation", later called "The Pirate Chantey". Here's the current solution (still in the process of refining): Start a game on Incursion or Expeditions on the Plunderer's Paradise map (The Dark Awakening for incursion). Shoot the hanging skeletons with hats in a specific order (described below). If the skeletons start moving around and singing, you have succeded. You may now listen to the fancy Pirate Chantey Tune. Continue playing normally and eventually win; after the cutscene "Skeleton captain's hidden chest has spawned!" should appear in big, yellow letters. That's when you need to grab the key (details below) and open the chest that's right next to the gold pile in the top half of the cave. Let's name the hanging skeletons, to make them easier to work with. Assuming the above naming, the sequence is 2 4 1 3 4 2 1 5. To maximize the chance of success it is recommended to use piercing projectiles, like Apprentice's secondary charged attack, EV's charged secondary attack or Gunwitch's Ice Needle, as well as use multiple shots for each skeleton in the general chest area. Many people are having problems with executing this sequence, so don't worry if you can't do it; we're working on more details, which will help getting it to work as often as possible. The key is located on a wooden ledge on the side of top right tower, marked as green on this map You will require a jump height bigger than double jump, which you can get either by hero abilities or using a tower as platform to jump from, I will try to work on full credit list as well as details of our investigations in a later post. Have fun with the rewards.
  13. Quick update: The solution to Lawlta's scrambled hint is Hints Are For Winners. If you didn't know about it, here's the full story: One day, a wild Lawlta strolled into #tavern in the official Discord server; and he shared his wisdom with us: Hours passed, then days (just one actually), and finally, after many attempts and a few other hints, today we have reached the best possible answer we could imagine: After which the road to victory was short. The answer was confirmed by the man himself, so we can close the Lawlta's Hint chapter and move on with our newfound knowledge. It is also known that the hint relates to a "final step" in the puzzle, so keep your eyes open Defenders, as we may find it useful sooner than we expect.
  14. I see people are running out of ideas.. Fear not! For Random has found more maps that seem alike! Since we're getting into numbers of maps that are hard to count (about 4), I'll start naming them. Old Treasure Map: War Table Map: The comparation of the 2: or As for the old map with red X's I shall call it Treasure Hunter's Map: There's also a World Map on the Ship map's floor, in front of the Treasure Hunter, but I don't have a good image yet,
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