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  1. That stick could be good for someone ;D Payment Methods Coal 6:1 Cubes End date:26/4 Thanks Guys :D C/O:
  2. 1cv 2 coals dosent count ?
  3. hey can u IC this plz ? thanks
  4. IC please http://i.imgur.com/3xcIS1H.jpg http://i.imgur.com/3xcIS1H.jpg 
  5. IC please http://i.imgur.com/3xcIS1H.jpg http://i.imgur.com/fHA9vBj.jpg thanks
  6. okie thanks for your opinion but i will try that
  7. I can trade for coals/cubes or some items if you want kinda new to this :P
  8. Can you check these two please ? thank you
  9. hey guys :D. im looking to sell this ember septre. Accept: Coal 6:1, Cubes 1:1 , Diamonds:4/9/15, or events. Happy Bidding :D. Passed IC test price gotta be accepted by me :D C/O:ziglasdk 2 coals
  10. Can i get an IC ? thank you
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