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  1. yay for necroed thread. Anyway, PS is so much easier than survival. boils down to lightning + ensnare = free giraffe if no dc's.
  2. Buying DLC's means that all the middlemen gets a cut of the profits. I rather not buy the DLC's and give trendy the cash directly.
  3. Just like to mention that it's much easier to work around the mana cap now with superloot. Trendy, I have no idea what direction you wanted to take with a 50million mana cap, but if the purpose of the mana cap is to cap our mana, it's not working now. So, it is possible to just remove the cap? It's merely a minor inconvenience now, better to streamline the design right? [Edit: I realized i spelled redundant wrongly in the title.... /sadface]
  4. idk but i was getting 60+ ups on wave 20 mix mode but **** ninjas are insane they need to nerf them they rape everything. on the other note my shop didnt get updated i had worst items i ever seen only good part was the few items i got from the wave Title : Pure Strategy...
  5. I completed pure strat last night and made a post. It's buried somewhere. Pure strat gives loot similar to what u can get in survival waves 10-15 now. And mixed mode 8-12 ish. No weapon more than 35^, no armor more than 30^ Only reason to do survival is for the easy giraffe, but it takes much longer, about 9 hours for me total, in combat + build. Also the shop stocks pretty uninspiring items after i completed it.
  6. If you seriously want to push the AI's then you should remove all targetable towers and heros from the map. This will screw up the DEWs and Skeletons such that they clog up the spawns and nothing comes up because they can only target players or towers and cannot attack the crystal directly. They have a timed lifespan so they will eventually die. This will allow pretty much afk mode for most of the waves. Trade off is less loot. Much less loot. And takes alot longer too. As you can see from the screenshot. I've used only traps and auras. The east middle spawn is now clogged with skeleton
  7. The point is, that the loot ramp values are very bad. Even at wave 25, there is nothing really good dropping and that is after 6 hours of game play. In a 20 minute insane Glitter run, you might even find something better.
  8. I'm currently on wave 25 of Insane Deeper Well Pure strategy, I started at about 6pm and it's almost 2am here. So in 8 hours what did i get. Armor: about 3-4 pieces with 30^ or more, vendor prices for dropped armor ranges between 53 mana to 80k (which was the highest i found so far) Weapons: Generally vendor trash with highest found 35^ and nothing higher. highest vendor price 20k or so, most sits sub 10k. I went in expecting something easy with a small number of upgrades, i experienced an easy and long grind with no actual upgrades. In summary, Insane Pure Strategy give loot sim
  9. Check the wiki. information is up. each map gives 1 piece of armor, similar to how current challenges work. complete 4 get a fairy. Information is on the wiki.
  10. that made some sense, considering i only saw 4 games available during the evening, which was pretty weird.
  11. You bought a fourpack without trying the demo first? me too, well. Mobile version.
  12. You should have access to realms all over the globe (I believe) after the patch on the 23rd. At the moment, the servers are region locked. Not exactly correct. 1) As you're playing the demo, it is not the same version as the current client for the full game, hence you will see only games hosted by other demo clients as only same version games show up. 2) Games are hosted locally, so if you join someone from the same region, the ping should be fine, but if you join a game hosted across the globe, will be worse. In addition, in the current version, 7.10e, only games hosted in your download
  13. Happened to me also, turns out i joined a bugged crashed tavern. kek
  14. Thanks for sharing the information. Hopefully we'll get a warning if/when it gets changed. I cannot emphasis how important that is. The more survival I'm doing, the more mana i have invested in weapons due to the 50m cap. If a change to the sell value is going to happen, it should come early so people have a chance to liquidate their mana.
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