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  1. how dare? i dont need non or one cap thats my personal interest
  2. 5hours left btw if u bid something in last 2hours auction will be end 1 more day
  3. cavalary 35cv some more events added
  4. Read the acceptings carefully hawai boy
  5. Hi defenders, i got this from lab recently i wont sell it if im not satisfied with bids ic link:https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/item-check-thread?page=521 End Date: Auction Finished Any bids in last day will extend auction 1more day Piece sold to VEETOO for private offer Acceptings Cubes:1:1 Diamonds:0/0/15 Events(Traced) : -Cavalary 35CV -Rainmaker 200CV -Alaaddin's Wish 70CV -Magicite 200CV -New Patch Celebration 100CV -Rock Shatter 80CV -Vortex set (Hammer and Shield) 40CV Happy bidding&defending
  6. ic please i will post uncensored one to u acen
  7. after all this time Konan? always.....
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