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  1. Hi defenders i want to organize auction for this pieces.Self farmed from surv today. i wont sell them if im not satisfied with bids ic link: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/item-check-thread?page=524 End Date: Depends on interest C/O 453^ Ult+ Plate Helm: 8CV Broke C/O 410^ Ult+ Leather Helm: Acceptings Cubes:1:1 Diamonds:0/0/15 Events(Traced) : -Cavalary 30CV -Rainmaker 200CV -Alaaddin's Wish 60CV -Magicite 120CV -New Patch Celebration 100CV -Rock Shatter 80CV -Vortex set (Hammer and Shield) 40CV -Glacier's: 60CV -Mana master: 20CV -Howling werewolf: 20CV Happy bidding&a
  2. Hi defenders i want to organize auction for these items i wont sell it if im not satisfied with bids items iced by acen 1st ic link: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/item-check-thread?page=521 2nd ic link: https://dungeondefenders.com/1/topic/93334/see-comment?scrollTo=1246146&page=524#1246146 End Date: Depends on interest C/O: Ult+ 357^ Leather Boots: Ult++ 396^ pet : 4CV Dim Ult++ 430^ pet (iced long ago i can post again if u want): Supreme 292^ Plate Boots: Ult++ 335^ Ember Flame:4CV Nick Ult+ 327^ Mail Boots: Ult+ 248^ Leather Boots: Ult 313^ Pris
  3. Btw clutch u won some items from my auction and didnt contact with me if u wont contact with me pls let me know so i can organize a new auction for them thanks.
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