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  1. golden retriever puppy and a pair of pink socks
  2. Happy birthday michili!!! I hope u will have a nice year with ur new age.Btw thanks for giveaway .
  3. BorchTrzyKawki U are the one who i want to be.U are kind. #333 Thanks for giveaway
  4. My favorite dd memory was my first sky city run with my old friends.It was really funny i got my first steam saw and be happy. Thanks for giveaway
  5. Initially i want to start with big thanks to all CDT.Event was awesome! Map was like a extended version of sky city with extra jumping spots and turkeys.It was not so easy, it was challenging because of time limit and turkey's knock backs.It was terrific and considerably funny, i enjoyed a lot.Thank you beautiful people!
  6. Sorry dim i travelled abroad and i wont be able to reach dd for a long time take care
  7. yep i tryed it solo actually its hard to find anyone to help me anyways thanks for the giveaway ^^
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