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  1. its a nice piece actually half mana for it
  2. acen u missed my up post :(
  3. lol i just quoted and write after quote it sometimes happens :D
  4. Hi defenders, i get these recently items have hidden reserve i wont sell items if im not satisfied with bids i will get ic and i will add ic link as soon as possible END DATE:11th of september 23:59 EEST C/O 394^ Ult+ Chain Vest 5cv MAGICUS (Unsold reserve not meet) 430^ Ult++ Pet: Accepting: Cubes:1:1 Coal:6:1 Diamonds:4/9/14 Events i have no idea on values so please if you bid events say its CV in the comment and please write which item u are bidding. Happy bidding&defending
  5. AKT-Konan


    And 2 coals number 4
  6. AKT-Konan


    3coals number1
  7. Acen i dont want to show my mana :) thats why i censore it
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