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  1. Thank you! Is it possible to make them look around with the mouse?
  2. Congratulation Knowledge is power on winning ult++ blaster rifle 143k dmg!
  3. Ember Scepter is pretty nice, high dmg good accuracy and AOE dmg. everything you need :)
  4. I got a few pages of myth items, just some players have one lvl 100 with nothing good on it and rest characters lvl70-80. So thats why Im giving away in such a big range :) Edit: and the ult++ stuff is part of a price you can win if you solve something (it's a secret what it is).
  5. This is not a promotion or anytthing, just fun times in my tavern and helping out new players getting gear :D
  6. Saw a lvl 94 using ult++, he said it dropped from embermount survival. Is it possible? Edit: Looks like required item lvl for ult++ cardboard tubes are lvl 70. Is this a bug or what? Isnt it a bit strange to have ult++ at lvl 70? Can someone please explain me this?
  7. Ye got that alot, you are not the first one to tell me... Right after video was up on yt I was told lol.
  8.  Item check pls
  9. This works perfectly fine with 2k builders in stats. Just upgrade buff beam to max and u can afk :D
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