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  1. I am definitely glad to see someone else besides myself giving back! Congrats to all the winners and Congrats Immortal for a successful event! I have been slacking on mine =/ havent played in awhile =X WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE THIS!
  2. 5 is the max towers that can be buffed.
  3. Would love to know why we have to wait till the 30th. I think we at the least are owed that much. Ask Valve =X
  4. It was pretty funny lol. You guys really like your bouncy things.
  5. Yay, I haven't played for this for about 2 weeks, nice to see something to get me back in. Can't wait. Same here. I have been waiting for a new patch!
  6. Freedom is an illusion provided to you via big coperations who pay off your senators.. thats life. Somewhat true but the people dont help that fact either.
  7. Mods read these forums daily so someone might send you a message on the forums or reply to this post.
  8. Hehe nope im not from the US but I was Based with your guys for a while, closest I been to US soil ;) Some people pretty much think the same thing with US policies and they vote in bills and laws and dont realize they are taking their own freedoms away =/
  9. Better late than never I suppose. Still, I have to question the effectiveness after the game has been flooded with hacked items & mana for so long. Anything can be fixed over time.
  10. I was gonna say. If they are charging 1b thats BS. I would help for free before I let someone pay 1b for that...
  11. And its only legendary? Geeze I would be yelling h4x too haha
  12. Trendy should be flagging the paypal shops and monitoring them, log all users buying from them and ban them. Monitor chat logs ect. Once users start getting banned the word gets out, You cant stop the shops but you can put the word out if you buy you get banned and show it. At present ive actually to hear of any user being banned for buying any thing. I see mods claiming they do but yet to actually hear any evidence of it, you usualy get at least one or two people coming on a forums claiming they were unfairly banned. Seems word on the street is no one cares. Are you from the US and
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