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  1. What about the release date for ps4? Any word yet?o
  2. Luck! NOOOOOOOOOOOO =(sorry, i still had to show you my setup!! i will miss farming with you... I still have your gossamer and your youtube videos are very useful, :( mmmm, best of luck ,luck hehe :( I will miss that also. You can keep the gossamer. Shame although it's the best time for it to happen a everyone is starting over with the gear and weapons - as all new now. Be positive ;-) I will miss all your toiletries and perfumes in front tele on your videos ;-) Although you are right, i cant even begin to level up again until i get my 5 twer characters and my huntress dps sets back. Plus i was working on a few things that i have to start doing all over again. i was spending to much time on the game again! which isnt good lolol lol its funny you mention that, because i moved them from there recently. But thanks to everyone for taking the time to post here.
  3. nooooo :( maybe i can give you gear? sorry=( but im not going to play this game anymore.
  4. smell ya later! yet ANOTHER reason to get Playstation Plus, folks. thanks for your time, and don't forget your receipt. i shouldnt have to get ps+ to avoid losing my saves;) plus it was probably for the best anyways. I was starting to spend a lot of time on there.
  5. when it came up to the "My Content" screen when your game froze, did you hit yes instead of no? thats a way you will lose all of your data. i hit no, all my characters are still there. just my gear is gone
  6. Just got corrupt file and all my gear is gone. So just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has made this game worth my time!!! Goodluck to everyone!! Luck_02
  7. poor poor app:( tbh i think app is fine the way he is now. My marrogo set up doesnt even use squire. But i would welcome any sort of improvment to the app twers.
  8. Does anyone know from which map you get the imp from?
  9. 8 min glitter dosent include build time....a normal time for a quick glitter run is 10min Glitter = 1.7m in 10 min Misty First Wave = 1.67m in 10 min x 2 characters if you prefect cavrens and dont get hit you get 2milxp ez
  10. Ya that's why I don't play it
  11. Enrage auras by spawns are good for bunching enemies up and keeping them away from your towers. gas trap cheaper n last longer
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