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  1. I noticed when you have more than 1 Obelisk down on a map (2 or more Obelisks during a match), smite does 0 damage against bosses. Is this intended or a bug? I have tested this against Harbinger and Malthus. btw I am on PS4. Thanks.
  2. Beat the last wave (killed all the dark knights and what not) and the match did NOT end. It was just enemies endlessly spawning even though I clearly killed all the dark knights (checked the radar and looked all around the map). GG Trendy.
  3. I'm using Volcanoes only in Harbinger? Besides, you can easily use Volcanoes only in maps, its not that hard to do. I only put the Maws down for an added "safety net." And I prefer builds that use only ONE hero only. For example, a squire only build that uses his towers only and a squire during the combat phase. I never like having "everything." I could easily add buff beams, boost auras, serenitys, and pdts to this build, but it kills the originality of it. I believe every hero has the potential to solo maps with their towers only. I'm already making a squire only and abyss lord only build.
  4. Even more respect for you if thats the case, as thats some serious dedication to make a point. But I guess it was a lot of fun in the process at least :) I've seen some lobby names like "Giving away free X weapon" or "Carrying Newbies." When I joined it was people using my build. It bothered me how some people think their MLG. So yes, I could of easily kept this build on the down low, but I want it nerfed. Or maybe not nerfed, but balanced.
  5. TBH one of the reasons why I posted this is so it DOES get nerfed. I've joined some games and seen a few people already starting to use my build ever since they joined my public lobby. But nonetheless its a nice change from the PDT, Serinity, and Proton meta. Got tired of seeing that build. Anyways if they nerf it I don't mind. I already have other builds set up in preparation.
  6. Lava Army Build Hello, my name is iLegendaryHero. Been playing Lavamancer since he came out and fell in love since. Here is a build I made called Lava Army because it requires a full deck of Lavamancers. I can post details with spheres, stat allocation, passives you need, and map builds if anybody is interested, in another video/post.This is just gameplay showing the pure power of the build. The maps are Bastille Master and Harbinger. The 1st and last waves are at normal speed while the waves in between are fast forwarded. Hope you enjoy! What You Need - -5 Lavamancers (I have 8 but N
  7. He's OP if you have a full deck of Lavamancers. I can solo every map in the game using Lavamancer Towers only. (Bastille Master, etc). Sleeper OP I guess.
  8. Can you make multiple Abyss Lords to summon more than 1 Colossus, or is it limited to 1 per player?
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