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  1. More info: I just joined a pub Unholy Catacombs map and the builder used mystic towers as well. On wave 4 we ALL dc'ed, so, yeah, something is wrong.
  2. I've noticed that sometimes when i try to do a Mystic tower heavy build i get Dc's in some maps. The most notable one is Unholy Catacombs. Every time i use my Mystic build (6 viper fangs, 9 sand vipers, 3 snaking sands, 3 serpents coil and 1 obelisk + 3 Serenity auras) i get a DC on wave 4. Also, i'm using a Mystic Dps. I tried 3 times just to be sure and the dc always happens. I tried 2 other builds with other heroes and got through just fine. I had some Dc's with the Mystic before in other maps, as i mentioned, but this map is a 100% DC. Seems worth looking into.
  3. Dunno if anyone said this already, but Ev2's Proton Cannon beam doesn't go through assassins. Maybe this is intended but it is pretty annoying to use her in this map if that is the case.
  4. 1) Completed but i did not receive the reward. 2) It began on the 09/06, so Tuesday 3) It did not reset.
  5. I made a post about it on the feedback section. The 09/06 Daily did not reset and now the 09/07 didn't either.
  6. Hi! I usually get a daily reset at 2AM my time but today (06/09) i didn't get a daily reset for some reason. After the 5.12 patch i got the weekly for Bling King but the dailies did not reset at all and the timer says the next reset will happen in 11 hours. It's not that big of a deal to miss one daily circle but it kinda sucks... Anyway, thought i would report this.
  7. After the last patch im getting "failed to respond to host", or something like that, issues mid game. Every time that happens the game freezes and i get Dc'ed and locked out of the game for 2 minutes or so. This definitely began after last patch(since it never happened before) and i already did some connection monitoring and file check to ensure this is not something Pc files/Internet connection related. This kinda kills the game for me because i cant finish any maps since the game does not let you rejoin sessions and 1 dc= all wave progress lost. =/
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