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  1. So , in 25 hours u just did 450k Gold. Not saying ur fault , but i think in 25 hours , the game should "give" more Gold than that , at each round you complete. Like , in Round 1 you got 1k Gold and on Round 204 you got 20k Gold , something like that. Well, if you're truly going for money, then Hard Onslaught with all gold passives and gold spheres is the way to go. Jackpot gives ridiculous amounts of money. Just set up a couple of defenses near to the core, then park yourself in front of one of the lanes, and hold down left click. For us, spending 25 hours on onslaught was just to see how far we could go, and for bragging rights. Not really for the the money or gear. That said, onslaught is a great way to easily farm enchanting fodder legendaries. It's waaaay slower than farming in Bastille Master, but it's a lot easier.
  2. I got 5 bags of legendaries and about 450K gold. I think three or four items were slight upgrades. All the rest were enchanting fodder. :P
  3. This past weekend, my friend Minns and I started up an onslaught on Friday night, and by Saturday morning it was still going! We were determined to see how far we could get. 25 hours later, at round 204, a Quibly and two Ogres broke through and hit the defenses. Below is the sped up montage of the whole thing. Enjoy! Throne Room Onslaught - Nightmare 4 Total Time: 25 hours Rounds completed: 204 Final health numbers: Goblins - 650K Lady Ogres - 2.8 Million Drakin - 2.8 Million Quibly - 9.3 Million Ogre - 18.8 Million Rounds 1 - 83 were minimal interaction, mostly just repairing the boost aura. Every so often a wall would get hit. Rounds 83 - 133, the walls took slow damage every could rounds and required repair. Every so often we would go out and distract and ogre. Rounds 133 - 160, I started Erupt boosting the towers during Ogres, and distracting them when necessary. Walls still took damage, but mostly from Drakin, or Quibly. Rounds 160 - 204, I added AP EV to the ogre killing combo. I used Lavamancer to Erupt boost, then switched to EV and dps'ed them down.
  4. IamIsom confirmed that lower is better over here: https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/138891/idle-flow-higher-is-better-now?page=1#1237915
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ASxO7dozMkjCDH7YL1TjCNT_lDaBFyRutTIV2DPQ4xc/edit?usp=sharing
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