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  1. Part suggestion, part rant. Yet another round ends, 2 votes to replay, 1 vote to tavern. Everyone gets sent back to the tavern. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY How is this not changed yet Make the options "Replay" or "Quit to Tavern" There SHOULD NOT be an option to force others back to the tavern if they want to play again.
  2. Simple suggestion. Avoid the meaningless grind back to NM4 so you can actually play the game. Let people create new heros at whatever level they pick (limited by the highest hero that they have; 50 needs 50, 25 means 25, etc.)
  3. This is single-handedly the most frustrating thing in the game. If you don't want to play another round, just quit. For the love of god. When 3 (or even 1) other people want to do the map again for farming/powerleveling/whatever they should NOT be forced back to the tavern because some random didn't want to play again. Just drop whoever wants to return out of the room. End of story. How did this "feature" even make it into the game?
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