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  1. By the way, did you know... ... that a diamond is only discribed as a one- or dubble cap, if TWER dmg is on 800? so if 2 slots are capped out at 800 it is not a 2 cap?
  2. I would still like to trade them for cubes or something. keeping my gear and one special diamond
  3. All ranked. I do not want to get banned. so lets follow the rules.
  4. I have paypal. But i'm not sure if i'm alowed to to trades like that.
  5. Dont worry, I'll keep my good weapons and perhaps a diamond. But I have sooooo many diamonds that I will never use...
  6. I'm getting into Spiral Knights. Interested in some diamonds? I have quite a few to part with. If you are serious let me know and ill post some pics.
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