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  1. Does anyone remember that bug with the pumpkins that turns all enemies hit by defenses in pumpkins? Well I have not done must testing but I am sure Drenching Strikes almost works the same so theoretically putting storm attune mod on any non-elemental tower might electrocute an enemy given you are wearing drenching strikes.
  2. LOL, yeah on C7 there are some maps where you have to build reflect walls because even the spawn points are so close to a crystal, that you can loose from HTs. I saw this a lot in the throne rooms and many publics I have seen players build their reflect beams around their sub cores, but I noticed that their agro is so weird, that I place a blockade there near the fountain and exactly in the middle of those 2 lanes( between the core and the fountain) and they do not throw at the sub cores EVEN THOUGH the sub cores are way closer than that random blockade near the main core. which saves me what? 30 DU cause I do not have to double up on both sub cores. Edit: So basically it appears to me they would rather focus on a farther target that is near to their lane, than a closer target that is farther from their lane. Soz if I made it sound like a riddle.
  3. I am pretty sure Lawlta is laughing his ass off at this thread, this is next level entertainment.
  4. Halt all development, and first implement dummies that can be targetted by all defenses. => Of couse I mean dryad defenses, Hornets 1.8mil dps, OK, but... 1 hornet has 2 hornets :|, == 1 hornet 900k dps? I'm sure a few people have been wondering this but actually, I came to the resolution that each hornet does 1.8mil dps, but, my PDT shows 1.1mil DPS, and it does instead 2.5mil DPS, so how can we actually decide whether a tower should be nerfed without proper dummies. Has anyone ever wondered why nimbus has no dps stat, tis cause dat tower is so OP trendy didnt wanna blind players with the high dps number in the stats.
  5. Unrelated, There is an issue on PC I have noticed that, when you load the next map in a floor, you might get stuck on the loading and you will have to end your client, when you see a group member's icon on the left side and don't see him in the map, you already know r.i.p. for that person. It usually occurs when the player has a lot of network lag.
  6. This is why this forum is so damn great, if you need a laugh you always know where to go.
  7. To be honest, while trying to make my initial post goofy I might have made it easy to misunderstand, to make it more clear: there is a shard Boosted Grasp when its gilded it slows enemies to 48%, I can't remember the non gilded speed, when you put that with a deadly strikes you have a large enough radius to slow a lane effectively, and if a enemy speed is halfed, you would think the damage dealt to him would be double in the time it take to get from A to B, so instead of using boost aura as a tower boost directly, use it as a slow tower (tower boost indirectly) and I mentioned having campaign relic cause you just simply dont need defense power if you only use it for slow, also I mentioned frosty and beserkers as they DO NOT get slowed it wont work on them, so you just don't use your boost (slow) aura on those lanes, and it will for a fact make uhm 4 flame auras, better than 5. I hope that clears it up.
  8. Sorry man you are so lost, when I say slow every time I meant slow and not boosting defense power, and that 104% dps boost I said is not defense power boost its an estimated, of the 48% (Enemies are slowed to 48% speed), -reread what wetwipes said and it appears you both were talking about the actual DP buff of boost aura. I was talking about the logical over time damage boost the tower gives with the 48% slow. As I understand your post above, you are trying to fit all your flames auras in a boost aura, and thats why boost aura is so bad? And yeah I want trendy to be aware of the bug.
  9. psst you wanna know why boost aura is good hey? It's cause - you have a spare gilded deadly strikes and gilded Gasping Slow watsaface shard laying around, there you're not using and you just put them on your boost aura, and you do not even do the effort of farming a relic for the boost aura nope, you just use that campaign relic all the way cause who de - would do the hard work of picking up a relic and putting it in the boost aura slow right?? and then you farming AP resets without upgrading any shards cause you have 2 towers with gilded shards and that extra boost aura, that would give you that 104% dps boost on non-frosty/beserker lanes, - whats better than 2 PDT? a PDT and a boost aura - your world has been blown right? Oh so you want more - whats better than 5 Hornets?, 4 Hornets and a Boost aura FACT, rip if you use it on a frosty lane. edit: I also have to add that you folks out there that pay $$$$ for tenacity, you don't even need it for boost aura, CAUSE BOOST AURA SLOW STILL WORKS EVEN IF ITS STUNNED,* dat so OP NERF NERF
  10. He obviously said he wanted opinions...pfft... just look: The world has gone mad
  11. Can't expect anything less from the best player.
  12. I don't wanna throw salt on the wound but... INB4 1000 gems for stackable shards! - I don't have any problem with inventory management anymore since I just decided to stop hoarding excrement, I mean seriously do you really need those 10 Shroom Glooms *wink *wink. or those 30 4/5 Mods which you're not gonna ever use, and can probably sell for the same amount as doing a few maps and making the money back in the time it takes you to place that trade order.
  13. Both Angry Nimbus and Hornets are bad at horde control at default, giving them melee boom counters that. Hornets can stack up on one boss = killing bosses in a matter of seconds, Angry Nimbus can only attack 1 target each, thus technically nimbus becomes the better horde control tower, as many times in solo I lost due to Gnash Flame Lance which survives all the way to the core with nimbus on it, and hornets kill her in half the way, hornets will remain better in any way except - range & vertical range & maybe drench/electrocute. I REALLY LIKE Angry Nimbs more cause I can build less towers haha - twice as less, but hornets are so tempting with how it outweighs nimbus. I am all for BUFF NIMBUS D:<!, nimbus needs dat melee boom - I MEAN WHO DOESNT WANT RAIN THAT EXPLODES.
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