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  1. Could you perhaps make the assassins not hit the core? It's really a pain if you build a c5 map and some random player gets spawn killed next to the core.
  2. I just like to spread the poison or let the pdt attack from behind.
  3. If you were wondering which shards you should use or how to do a lot of dps. Comment if you have further questions or what shard to use if you don't have the specific one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PexhojRhWZA&feature=youtu.be
  4. I'm not sure how you infer that belief from this thread. The point is to draw attention to the ridiculous rarity of such an important shard. Well it's not that rare like people make it seems like
  5. I'm not sure why everybody thinks you get range shards at a specific lv. I got 5 range shards randomly from c1
  6. I'm kind of running out of gold and was wondering how do you even get gold in the game?
  7. Why is there no PvP in this game as in Orc must die?
  8. The gunwitch weapon does around 120k-160k dps, I think you're better of with hammer l or double tab II.
  9. That's not how I obtained my "Dragonlichs". Also I think this only works for people, who haven't completed the monthlys.
  10. My friends (the best players in the game)were right 95% of the people in.here. are slow and the reason they don't post on here anymore lol. Most of my builds are with the original 4 they don't need a flipping buff !! If anything the new Hero's need a Nerf..and as for your huntress! Haahhaa OMG this is what I'm talking about noob's complaining when they don't have a clue how to build a.character.or build period....the huntress is the best dps character in the game LMAO ...if u have an.ability powered huntress with flamegeddon 19% on weapon and relic with sticknades you easily do 2.5 million to
  11. "Ahh, the great Jubileus himself has spoken and thinks the OP's comment is stupid, therefore we all might as well stop offering further suggestions..." → (P.S. I only respond with snarky comments TO comments that I think are snarky themselves) I apologize for having a diffrent opinion, I did not mean to offend you. What I meant was, that this is indeed an exceptional, fascinating idea. It would also bring me quite the pleasure, if we could obtain equipment by spending gold while we at it.
  12. I think it's a supid idea. It was an monthly reward and you missed it twice... end of story. I would rather have the normal pets buffed or new ability upgrades, by actually completing some "hard" challenges.
  13. It's just the pet making him do that much damage, his stats are basic GW stats. Well obviously.
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