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  1. Hey all, Thanks again for the advice. So we discovered what everyone has already said, that Glitter is a great place to farm XPs. Soon as we had an easy strat in place, we were able to bang out a run in 15mins or so, having our alt toons in after Wave 3 to get XPs. We now have all our builders up to LV 74 and wearing Mythic gear (farmed from Spires), which makes a bit of a difference. Couldn't believe the range on our Monk auras haha. We're working on Sky City atm; we've already farmed the first 3 shards. Dave: Yeah, I've watched the vids on Lab Assault, and know about the BF Drill. That i
  2. Hey all, I appreciate the advice. We ran some Glitterhelm Insane HC runs last night for the map rewards to upgrade our weapons. We're pretty comfortable with the setup, and were even able to DPS with our builders, so we may see how that works. It seemed like we were getting really good XPs. Not sure about Tavern Defense. We tried that a bit ago and got seriously rolled, but we have leveled up a bit since then so we may give it another go. For Moonbase and Lab Assault, aren't those like LV 80 and above maps? I took my Mythic Hunter into Lab for a looksee and couldn't even DPS down one of th
  3. I hope you all can help. My wife and I picked up DD1 a few months ago, and we now have a host of LV 70 builders and DPSers. I have a LV74 Ranger in ghetto-mythic gear I farmed from Endless Spires, with Mythic bow from Assault Challenge Pt1. The rest of our toons are 70-72. We have zero challenge tackling Insane level content - we just recently got the achievement for going all campaign maps + Glitter on Insane. Thing is, we can't even touch Nightmare. I'm working to farm mythic gear from Spires, and we're (painfully) trying to level our builders to 74 to wear it. What advice can you guys
  4. I was doing Survival Alc Labs Insane w/ Mix + Match, and by wave 18 or so, I was averaging 1-2M mana per wave. IIRC, wave 25 was about 4M. I don 't know how that stacks up, but I'm still farming Myth gear on my 74 :)
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