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  1. Looks like a post about a bug with retrying maps, kind of hard to tell...
  2. I'm not sure if the exact drop rates for specific mods has been released yet but from what I understand the gear drops for everyone in you deck, but is more likely to drop for your active character.
  3. I highly recommend DefRate if you want the stun. You are going for crowd control, not damage per se, so maximizing the amount of times the tower performs the stun attack is your biggest advantage. Max out fire rate for the most effect. Squire CB tower with stun shard also great for stuns, as well as EV2 WM with SR mod. Huntress PDT with EP also great for CB lanes. Anti-air, i like that. Have not tried that, but might now. If i am not using Monk SGT, or Hailstorm for anti-air, i also use Mystic Obelisk, as it has full map range and is only 40 du. A well placed aura also chews up air units real
  4. I plan on using it as an anti-flier tower since it's the only defense of the Lavamancer that can target them if I remember right. I'll also be using it as another way to deal with Controlled Burn lanes in Onslaught since I'm pretty sure Oil Geysers won't be able to hit every enemy that spawns in those lanes, so the shard that gives it a 20% chance to stun will be pretty useful. I'll try some combos when I can, but right now I think Volcanic Shock + Lateral Blast + Destruction will be my go-to shards.
  5. I think he might be talking about the polymorph, not too sure
  6. Hey guys, I'm about to get the Lavamancer soon so I was looking at what shards were available for him and realized that his Volcano has 3 unique shards for it. I was wondering if I should use all three and just rely on Eruption and mods to increase its rate or sack one for the Defense Rate shard?
  7. So I play DD2 on Steam, and since around Monday the game no longer launches. This could be a problem on Valve's part, but...yeah...
  8. Not sure if it's been recommended yet, but you should have at least one video on the strong and weak points of characters, and how spheres can help/change certain aspects of a character's playstyle.
  9. Big on my list too. I really like the idea of customizable difficulty curves with affix modifiers to mobs, maps, towers, players, etc. It also allows for more unified difficulty tiers where everyone can play "nightmare" mode, but more geared or skilled players can play "nightmare + mega speed kobolds + crystal repositions every wave + all monsters look the same despite being different (sneaky ogres) + time limited waves + player abilities replaced with party streamer guns". RIP DPS Characters Though EV 2's Proton Cannon would be cool.
  10. So I was running the new inc today, and got the notification that Demon Eyes were spawning. I ran over to my SA, and maybe half of the DE's followed, the rest went after cores. I watched the dev stream, and heard something about them prioritizing players over the core, so is this a new bug or part of the script?
  11. 2: ... Seriously why people keep asking this on every new hero will cost 12 k or 10 k... 12k on release 10k after 2 weeks Seeing it's a special release, she could be priced at 10k at the first 2 weeks instead of 12k. Whoops, sorry about that. Will do.
  12. So...I'll get to the point. Q1: Will the crossover be permanent? Q2: Will the Dryad cost 12k or 10k medals? Q3: Will the new items only drop in the new incursion?
  13. Meowmere (Even though it's already revealed) Vampire Knives Scourge of the Corruption Piranha Gun Staff of the Frost Drake or whatever it's called Sandgun
  14. Meowmere's being added (we can assume), so I think it wouldn't be wrong to guess it's getting added... My favorite weapons, Vampire Knives and Scourge of Corruption, probably won't be added because of their nature. RIP.
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