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  1. The biggest deciding factor will be when the first patch hits. agreed if i still have the constant freezing ill just have to clear this game off my hdd (i have yet to finish the last map due to it always freezing half way through it).
  2. ^ truth That's what happens when you stick with console. (Not in any means trolling or being a console versus pc thing, but a fact) Example, Skyrim already has a huge mod base community which delivers high def. textures. (PC feature only) For those that have the game on console but not aware, Skyrim has modded multiplayer and is currently in alpha. Something console does not have access to. (PC Feature only) problem with your example, modding has always been exclusive to pc but not dlc. the issue here is trendy is actually giving pc players more content for a cheaper price compared to
  3. Problem is with creator of your console. trendy isn't to blame here. Maybe one day publishers will be able to easily publish content to a console, but today isn't that day. consoles have perks, this is one of the downsides. What does that even mean? dlc has no problem getting on to consoles, trendy could have done it as easy as putting all the dlc together and selling it for $10. Theres no way their dlc would be over 2 gigs, so size wouldnt be a problem. The price would have been fair for the content we got, and we would have gotten almost the same amount of content as pc users. The fact
  4. yeah its crap not sure what trendy is thinking... prob has to do with MS/sony cert but still i would think they could do something to help the console players. @amppi dlc is same across the board, and last time i checked dlc never gave pc players more content than console players.
  5. dont forget pc players can pre-order all the dlc and get it even cheaper...
  6. $4 is alot for just essentially 1 map tho, nobody i know plays pvp. sure you can argue cod sells map packs for $15 but thats cod, i expected trendy to be a bit more generous than that. The if you dont want it dont buy argument, gets on my nerves since obviously ppl want the dlc they just dont want to pay that much. if trendy had put just 2 campaign missions with 2 challenges tied to it for $5, id be way more willing to pay for that dlc than what were getting. thing is console players are getting screwed with how theyre handling it, we should be able to buy all the dlc for $10 aswell.
  7. The first part is on 360... im looking at it right now but am confused about how many new maps are in it... is it 1 map with 3 mission or 3 maps? also when i hit the purchase button it says the price is -1, is this just so testers can get it?
  8. fought a skeleton dragon and took its soul.
  9. its my GOTY and has been stealing all the time i had to spare for dundef. sadly dundef just came out right before the heavy release season but ill soon be playin dundef alot once im back home with my friends for christmas break. but yeah skyrim is outstanding in just about every way. one nick pick i have with bethesda tho is that they claimed skyrim would be using a brand new engine... thats a lie or atleast to my knowledge of a game engine cause im seeing the exact same bugs that have been in all past bethesda games. it seems to me all they did was just upgrade the old gamebyro engine to wh
  10. XD very nice. edit: geeze ppl, dont pay too much attention to the world around you much??
  11. haha its awesome having the knockback on staffs... im only level 10 with my mage and he has +4 on knockback and i pretty much can crowd control enemies into whatever traps i want.
  12. You can go into settings and adjust the Interface size at the bottom. That'll take care of stats going off screen. thanks alot :) that fixed it
  13. yeah ive noticed that aswell but mine is barely off the screen tho so i dont really notice it. its the game tho for sure since ive played the game on 3 different tvs and have messed with the settings on all of them with no luck of fixing it.
  14. local offline and save is on HD.
  15. my friend got charged twice as well... yeah if i was a pc player i would never buy from ea again (since theyre eventually going to make every game of theirs exclusive to origins).
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