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  1. My proflieEmerald City (Sam forgot to put hardcore on...) Ember thingy Cool concept but I probably won't play it, considering I'm assuming that the shield spawns with the standard ember acc rolls.
  2. Thanks for nominating me Hype <3 I would like to nominate Hype back :)
  3. 1cv on the cursed 227^ santa hat 1cv on the 280^ ult90 leather chestplate
  4. I didn't mean to snipe, I just completely forgot about this auction since I've been quite busy recently. I'll let you have it as an apology.
  5. I'd like to suggest interactions between barbarian stances with this topic. I've made a thread before about the lightning stance, but as it has been buried with time and my suggestions weren't particularly good, I have come up with new suggestions based on how a combination of 2 stances together could evoke a new effect along with the 2 stances' individual effects (although I'm not too sure how easy these would be to implement). These suggestions have been centred on combinations with the subject at topic, the lightning stance: Lightning + Tornado Creates a thunderstorm around you, dealing e
  6. Now that Caimen mentions it, I feel a better stat to take off would be hero hp, to fit with the skeleton idea ^^
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