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  1. What a convoluted list, with just a brief glance I can see that half of them should have gone straight to the tavern keeper.
  2. How much for #4? I don't set prices, but I will take any reasonable offer. Also, #4 is sold, but I suggest #6, it's a better gun anyway.
  3. I want something that is close to 200 base damage/mana gain and that has at LEAST 26 upgrade slots. I prefer it to be un-upgraded, but it would also be fine if the points used all went toward hero damage. Please list your GT and your asking price below or feel free to message me. GT: N7 x Spectre
  4. ***Payment in items ONLY*** Please list your GT and offer below. Thanks! DMG/SPS/CLIP/RELOAD 1.) 1352/6/33/6 2.) 1552/6/38/6 (sold) 3.) 1451/6/34/5 4.) 1528/6/38/3 5.) 1469/6/38/6 GT: N7 x Spectre
  5. Sorry I accidentally forgot to list my GT since I wasn't going to be checking this thread. -_- 10m seems a little low for #1, I haven't gotten one that good in quite a while. 8m sounds good for #3, I sent you a message, sorry for the delay.
  6. ***PAYMENT IN ITEMS ONLY*** Please leave offers with your GT and the corresponding number below. Thanks! Base/SPS/Clip/Reload/Upgrade 1.) 58/9/80/6 - 1/27 (sold) 2.) 56/9/72/6 - 1/27 (sold) 3.) 60/8/78/6 - 1/27 (sold) 4.) 59/8/75/6 - 1/27 (sold) 5.) 59/7/80/7 - 1/27 (sold) 6.) 54/9/83/6 - 1/27 (sold) 7.) 56/9/56/5 - 1/27 8.) 1279/9/82/7 - 27/27 (sold) 9.) 1208/10/75/7 - 27/27 GT: N7 x Spectre Edit: Numbers 8 & 9 both started out at 55/9/7 base stats
  7. Please leave offers and your GT below. Thanks! Just an opening note, this gun is a little bit on the large side This is a fully upgraded 27/27 Crystal Tracker, base damage was just shy of perfect by 2 points. Shots per second was also perfect, but reload is another story. Luckily this gun has a fast natural reload, so +5 still works great. Twenty-six points went into damage, and one point went to shot/sec. I am really wanting to trade this for a high quality Genie. Something with close to 30 upgrades and an attack rating of around 190+ would be great. I would prefer un-upgraded, but
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