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  1. Thank you for the prize, I will put it to good use defending Etheria.
  2. ´╗┐´╗┐Legendary Huntress and Monk, both modeling the latest Ember attire.
  3. In case it's of any use to anyone. I added an extra 2gb of RAM which changed nothing. I then upgraded from Win7 32-bit to 64-bit and that did the trick. No more crashing to desktop when returning to the tavern on high settings (but it does freeze for 5 seconds). I do feel for you Black Mamba, I know how frustrating it is and you have a pretty beefy machine so it's not like there is an obvious upgrade you can do.
  4. Thank you for the response and explanation Nexus. Perhaps it's time I upgraded my PC to keep up with all the good work the CDT is doing.
  5. Hello. I'm on Win7 32bit, Q6600 Quad Core, 2GB Ram, 2GB GTX 650TI. I'm not having a problem with frame rates or lag, but since the new update when ever I return to the tavern I crash to desktop unless I change my settings to low (which looks pretty crap). Before the update I'd never had any performance issues on high setting. I can still do large maps with 2,500+ mobs but I can't handle an empty tavern. Is some better optimization in the pipeline or would the CDT consider making the new tavern optional and players could select the old one if they perferred it? Thank you.
  6. I take it that if people don't comment on a change being discussed then they are not bothered either way. Just in case anyone is keeping count of those with a preference on this matter, I'm not in favour of this change. I do appreciate the continued support by the CDT and I'm sorry to be negative on this issue.
  7. I don't usually care about achievements but because I like Dungeon Defenders so much I wanted to 100% it, which I only recently did. I found a few maps like Winter Wonderland and Crystalline Dimension very hard. At first they crushed me so I farmed better gear and tried again and again until I finally beat them solo. I though that was it, I've done it and I can go back to just enjoying the game. That's why I was frustrated when I lost my 100% and if I though WW and CD were difficult, Ember is a whole new league. I don't feel it would be fair to those that have beaten Ember to now make it easie
  8. I am voicing my preference, as others are entitled to voice theirs. I should have also asked what are other player's opinions and of course if the majority prefer new achievement I would except that. Regardless I'm still enjoying the game.
  9. Hello, Great game and thank you for the new content. I welcome a new super hard map but why give it a NM achievement? I invested a lot of hours to 100% this game and I'm annoyed that I now have to complete a considerably harder map if I'm to regain my perfect record again. I'd rather have just played it for fun. Thank you for reading, Dale.
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