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  1. I'm all excited to finally see some good weapons for EV2 and AL and what do I get...a big disappointment. AL weapon with ability power and skeletal archer damage. EV2 canister with ability power and frosty node. Will you please give them smart loot!
  2. So since Zimmerman posted the question about the proton beam yesterday I figured I'd ask about the dps EV2. So my question is what gear do I want to farm for? I know I want proton width and proton cannon heat reducer but do I want as far as actual stats on the gear? As well as the suggested sphere and any other suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  3. This was a very good post. I'm glad to see I have mine set up the way I should. I didn't know about only putting 78 into speed though. Good to know. Thanks [[62439,users]] and [[58175,users]]. Btw anyone that wants info on builds check out [[58175,users]] YouTube page. Got a lot of tips from his videos.
  4. Try and get you EV2 to have the frosty node passive. You can only get it in her weapon and relic and it maxes out at 3% on each of them. Focus on getting a good serenity aura for you to monk that have both the purge evil passive (staff from the Malthus incursion) as well as the passive on the medallion that slows enemy movement. Once you have these and a good PDT all you should really need to put up is monks SA, EV2's proton beam shaped like so "|\/|" which will cost 60 DU, your blockade and a PDT behind the blockade. Possibly some abyss lord skeleton archers, squire ballista (with oily harp
  5. I would like to be able to see what the total of my passives look like after all my gear...sort of how the SAS shows for your stats. It would be nice to be able to set some sort of criteria when selling inventory as to whether we want a notification a specific to whether we want to sell this item or not (above 700 ipwr or legendary only)
  6. The past three days I've grinded for prob 16 hrs of nonstop quick runs and have gotten three of the "750" gear dropped and of course they are garbage. It seems like they are dropping less often
  7. I was by no means struggling to beat any map solo but I'm glad I finally got a dragolich
  8. Could you tell me what hero you were using when killing boss? I'm currently grinding for the huntress medallion with PDT speed so I'm killing with huntress only in the deck. I also did with EV2 and got frosty node but it's dp/hd 👎
  9. So I grinded demons lair 15-20 times yesterday and didn't get a single medallion. I did this the last 4-5 times I've been on and have only gotten 2 medallions. Am I just having really crappy luck or are other people having the same issue?
  10. Yea that's the dragolich that you can buy with medals.
  11. I completely agree. I'd much rather have an EV2 or Gunwotch weapon before worrying about this map
  12. Dear Trendy, Please fix the stats that drop on the gear for the abyss lord and EV2. I'm so tired of grinding for their gear just to get defense power ability power with stupid passives. I've ran all the 750 gear levels well over 200 times each with both heros and get nothing but crap. Are you planning on fixing this issue anytime soon? The heros have been out for months now and you still have fixed this issue.
  13. Can we get the powerful spears sphere fixed? Right now it takes all damage away from the ballista. If you have it on the only way it will do any damage is if you have the weapon from griblocks horde and it will only do the damage of the explosion and nothing else.
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