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  1. H My friends (the best players in the game)were right 95% of the people in.here. are slow and the reason they don't post on here anymore lol. Most of my builds are with the original 4 they don't need a flipping buff !! If anything the new Hero's need a Nerf..and as for your huntress! Haahhaa OMG this is what I'm talking about noob's complaining when they don't have a clue how to build a.character.or build period....the huntress is the best dps character in the game LMAO ...if u have an.ability powered huntress with flamegeddon 19% on weapon and relic with sticknades you easily do 2.5 millio
  2. Im dumb but this mf zimmerman says my 750 medallion got rerolled from the power surge update lmao whos dumb again??/?? Haaahaa All my friends idleflows got rerolled every single 1
  3. Trendy stop listening to noobs!.. Look where its gotten u . Constantly nerfing buffing same items boo coo complaining like me just making yall work twice as hard...
  4. The bad thing is they think they actually buffed the serenitys but to be honest in playing with them u r having to repair them even more now that ur basically standing in 1 half way across the map.. fail lol zimmerman ur telling me its vital for lightning auras? lol thaTS y u make 2 monks! Lol geez.. And ur wrong i had perfect 65% 750 ipwr idle flow a week ago now its 75%.Thts not even what pisses me off tho its the fact that they pick one of the least messed up towers reroll it to fix it and leave it broke still whn theyare far more problems ... MAtter of fact i didnt even get my idle flow me
  5. Transitioning through the game is useless now.. Might as well scrap the campaign and the leveling to 50 system lol
  6. Yall wonder They're so many noobs ruining public lobbys. This is the reason theres nothing left to do or maps arnt rewarding or challenging enough to do anything else but help and carry people lol.
  7. I mean whats the point in using us as testers n have us post on here if 95% of the time yall are just gonna do what yall wanna do anyway.. Lol its crazy
  8. No they did not just reroll ur gloves . You idle flow also. Why? Idk. I mean this buff did nothing. Out of everything in the game you can touch or fix you tinker with serenitys? The sad thing is their still broke!!!!! Lol how are they still taking damage from heros still standing in them. But not enemies blowing up in them? Doesnt make sence to me. My pount is ur making nm4 far to easy and not rewarding enough for players to play. For example i shouldnt be able to run catacombs and not even have to cleanse a knight not even once because my towers are killing them so fast and before they can ev
  9. I mean the serenity s were fine the way they were...the.enemies don't even.make it half way through.and.they.die anyway! What u did..was.nothing but piss ppl off with rerolling their idle flow..I mean do y'all just randomly select a tower each month sit around in a circle jerk.and. say. Hey let's buff. This tower this month so we have something. To Nerf the.next.....I just don't get it...makes..no sense...wwho are y'all listening to???? Obviously. Not us...making. the range. Bigger did absolutely nothing lol...while. the. Major. Problems continue to exist every month...I'm.just curious is to w
  10. U can solo. With 1 egg per wave with a ability powered. Huntress with dragolich and.19% flamegeddon on. Weapon and. Ring j/s
  11. This Guy really thinks that jackpot passive is useless???? Hahahaha yea tell that to savage who has a jackpot small passive character just for that that makes 100K a game.....I'm done
  12. I'll make a thread off my. Commpputer. Where. U can actually read. What I write in day or so for ***zz n giggles with my changes.I'd make.n you'll be bowing at my feet loll..changes that don't involve. Revamping!!! The entire game like this guy wants! Hahhahaahh
  13. I damn shore wouldn't get rid of Passives!!!!!! Hahha..Lottathings I would change but it's pointless to express them...they don't listen...wait they do but to idiots
  14. Y on. God's. Green earth would u. Want. The game more balanced..!!!!! That = more boring less grind.player to. Player power difference. About all the same which = noobdoys better then anybody. Else. Iill just throw on a. Sphere and this tower. Is good now though hahahhhahah. O hey let me rerolll. My 1000ipwr. Helmet. From hero d too power.hahhahah. .wth.this will never bbe implemented....eveerr. be far worse then it is now...aannd I know no small passivves that r worthless BTW...nvmm this is just awful and. I could write a book about how bad it is...
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