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  1. Skeletal archer. I loved the harpoon in dd1 but it doesnt do well at all in DD2
  2. I miss DD1 so mutch wish we could get it on ps4 :(
  3. Im not able to get on either keeps saying match makeing error. doesnt make a difference if its private lobby or town.
  4. I know it realy should have a pin in it . Please please pin this !!
  5. Your not alone iv had this problem for about 2 months
  6. Same here. And if you hit the max it can freeze your game atleast for me
  7. Iv had this problem for a while . I use the forge to switch hero now like back in dd1 . Hope they fix it soon .
  8. I cant change heroes in my deck after build phase. I try to switch to dps hero but a blank card appears, yet it says selected hero is already in my deck. It will say 6 heroes currently in deck but can only play with one. Heroes don't return till I return to my tavern.
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