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  1. After the suggestion of user Pew Pew Pew I moved this post here from steam: (Steam Forums) I never make topics and stay sillent but this needs attention from the devs. After the recent patch the golden enemies got a huge buff getting a "better" scalling with the current state of the map. On most normal maps they still are not that much of problem, if you have good gear they still die rather quickl. Then you try survival everything looks normal untill you hit the later waves, suddenly you are placed face to face with wyverns with strength and health of an ogre making some maps (Aquanos with Mix Mode for example) rather impossible to complete. In the 20+ waves wyverns from get buffed and just fly straight through all your defences without getting hurt alot and after reaching your crystal breaking it in a single hit. Wyverns are not the only problem if you are clearing a path full of enemies and there is a lit Kobold in there it will most likely one shot you (500k health Jester with full resist). This should get attention and reworked as it makes some survivals more painfull than they should be.  Here are some of the (Usefull) reactions from the steam forums: Alucard: Yeah I can agree, I was playing bay, and a golden would have 108 M hp and a normal one would have 16 M. Pew Pew Pew: You misread Baron. The difficulty spike was a rare bug. After completing certain waves enemies become tougher. Before the patch it was possible that the trigger for this was activated several times at once, creating unintended stronger enemies on next wave. The new golden enemy mechanic has nothing to do with the difficulty spike modifiers. The CDT buffed massively the health of golden enemies. As long as I know they made the health 5 times higher, according to Alucard's post it would be round about 7 times for that case. I don't have an explanation either why they felt to be in need to do this. Sadly there wasn't enough players saying anything against this when beta was out for testing. Either people didn't knew about or they were already so high progressed that the buff doesn't made a difference for them. I think, having such a buff as penalty for messing up with Wheel O' Fortune would be reasonable but buffing golden enemies across the board was a bad decision. Considering low-end and mediocre stats. Whatsoever, if you want a change or complete revert of this, you have to go to the official forums and leave your feedback there instead of 3rd party forums. https://dungeondefenders.com/1/forums
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