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  1. Rook12 and I just played a full 7 waves of us just gushing about how cool everything looks in this game and about how there are so many little things that make the maps feel so alive. Like the towns and castles in ramparts background and all the little things around the town and tavern. Nice job Trendy, A+ level design.
  2. I'm banning you because you can't figure out that the queen is the better chess piece
  3. What about fortifying and upgrading a certain lane because there are always more monsters on one of them, and then realizing after you ready up that it was the lane on the other side of the map that had those big mobs.
  4. Please do. I find it highly suspicious that Trendy hasnt said a single word about an exclusive pet obtainable by this. @Pneuma Does this work?
  5. If you still don't have enough points after all of this you've gotta go through the forums and make posts there. Start threads, post comments, they each get you one point and you need 50 total to get to level 3. I believe posting pictures and videos also gets you 5 points so there is another option you have.
  6. I think it just takes time for them to register that you actually go the points. I know it takes time for them to verify your profile picture so it probably takes time for them to verify you have met the requirements for the points. Just so they know you're not trying to cheat the system.
  7. I believe in one of the previous streams they said that they are not using them anymore and the wyvern token vendor is there so you can spend any you have leftover from when they were a thing.
  8. 1. Are the Shellium shards worth anything anymore? I've still got a few and they don't seem to be droping from rotting eggs anymore either. Did you guys bag the whole idea and I should toss them, or is there something else coming that uses them later? 2. Will there be any other exclusive items/pets in the future that won't be directly announced by you guys. Like the Alien Specter from the Alienware site? 3. Are you guys thinking about implementing trading? 4. Will the new characters (abyss lord, ev2, etc.) be able to use more spheres rather than just large eventually? 5. Are you guys working o
  9. You have to be level three on their site to do it. So if you sign up with a referal code and change your profile pic then you should have enough points to enter for it. (After they approve your profile pic)
  10. I saw this link on steam and didn't know if it was posted here yet, so here it is. To anyone trying to do this, it says you need to be at least level 3 when trying to get the code, so if you join using a referal code and a profile picture then you should get enough points to be able to get it. Heres mine so you'll get the points: J623J9FqmgFzyB https://na.alienwarearena.com/giveaways/dungeon-defenders-alien-spectre-giveaway
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