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  1. Sorry if this has already been addressed but I noticed that the shard that multiplies tower health only affects certain towers for a character. I can build all of a character's tower types and check the tower stats and not all of them get the health increase. What am I missing?
  2. Yes, as I stated I know to do that. But I was hoping for a little bit more detail like before.
  3. I know some character defenses and things have been changed, so where is the tab(s) to be able to read about each characters abilities and towers? I didn'the see it under Inventory and the only info I could fine which wasn't much was clicking "create hero" and looking at each character and what they had to offer. Anyone know where the Character info tab is?
  4. Yeah so I probably played defense. Thank you for the help. Stupid me..
  5. You may be correct. It's been a long day . I belive there were 7 waves.
  6. Ok I might be behind on this one but I just started back playing and tried to play the Forest Poacher Incursion on NM3 to get gear and a siege roller came out! I thought this was one of the safe levels. Are there certain levels you have to play under a certain difficulty? I'm not ready for the rollers yet.
  7. I play casually with my wife and I have noticed that our bags are always full (even though we have loot scavenger filtered to Legendary) and I have a hard time knowing exactly what to equip on which characters or the type of gear that I need doesn't drop. I wish it was basically broke down to two different types, builder and DPS. You could still have variety by having different passives on each. It may just be me not being willing to devote that kind of time but it's too stressful at the moment but I can't progress to harder difficulties until I get better gear and have a hard time either obtaining it or deciphering which is better. I understand farming equals "replayablility" but this game is one of a kind and great. We'd continue to play either way. Anyone else agree or can someone give me any easy tips? (I know the basics and what kind of stars you need for builder and dps but it seems like there is alot of gray area, and alot of unnecessary junk that drops) Having 5 different tiered gear seems like a waste especially at higher levels. Seems like you could devote more of whatever it takes to generate crappy loot that no one else wants to something else in the game that players would enjoy. I guess to sum it but I find that the loot system can be unnecessarily complex at times.
  8. Yeah it seems like there was a time a few patches ago where the "bugs" were minimal but it's getting frustrating. It appears that there is more content being introduced than "bugs" being fixed. New content to "bugs" ratio is getting bad to where it makes you want to take a break for a while till things get fixed, we'll for me anyway.
  9. The freezing passive for EV2s Proton, where can it be found? Is that on a piece of gear or a sphere?
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