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  1. Totally agree. When I updated, logged in and saw all the bugs, I reported the bugs that I saw and played something else. XD
  2. I've experienced a number of these and can confirm them, but it seems you've sunk your teeth a lot deeper into this patch thus far than I have. Excellent work!
  3. I've had some pretty severe lag in the past, but I've been okay lately. I don't know why. Might be because I moved my PS4. When I was lagging a lot, this was the most I could really find on the topic. I don't really know how official this link is and cannot vouch for it. https://trendyent.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203532484-I-m-getting-lag- It probably won't be that helpful, but I actually had my PS4 pretty far away from the modem. I just play so many single player games that it didn't really occur to me lol. This is bugging me a lot, too. I get that it's going to be a F2P game, and that explains the micro-transactions, but it just seems like their priorities are a little wonky especially considering the game isn't even released yet.
  4. I don't know about her DPS vs other classes, but my wife really enjoys playing her. Seems like a fun character.
  5. Yes, it's all stored serverside, you won't loose anything. Was a bit sceptic myself first, but it was all back after reinstalling, every single gem, all what i bought, the inventory, characters, progress,...no problem with that. But you should really try if defaulting your settings also does the trick for hotswapping with L1+d-pad like eyoeyoeyo suggested, maybe you can avoid a reinstall this way. The shortcut for hot-swapping is working very well. I feel so ignorant now. Thanks for the clarity. I will reinstall tonight, just to see if it fixes anything for me.
  6. Couldn't agree more. Improvements on the inventory screen would be amazing. At the moment, it is very inconvenient for split screen players.
  7. Oh, thank you both for your input. I didn't realize you could hot-swap that way, and I'll be sure to try it next I play. I always hit my options button. I won't lose any saved data if I reinstall, right? (I realize it's probably a dumb question, and all data is likely on the server, but I'm stupid.) If so, I'll be sure to do that, just to see if it fixes anything.
  8. My wife and I play DD2 regularly on PS4, and we always play split screen. This is our combined feedback. (07/28/2016) Version 1.18 for the PlayStation 4 - Game suffers severe drops in frame rate sometimes. Seems to happen on bigger, busier maps and gets especially bad when one of us holds down L3 to inspect tower ranges. (In my opinion, this should be the developer's number one priority. Gameplay is the most important thing.) - Before the last patch, my wife and I could both hit the options button at the same time and hot swap heroes simultaneously. Since the last patch, only one of us has been able to do this at a time. - Since the last patch, ability icons have been messed up. It looks like they're ultra zoomed in or something. - Solved in patch 1.19 - "Flaming Knight" skill sphere for the Abyss Lord reads that the, "Skeletal Knight ability is now imbued with fire," and it seems to enhance the Abyss Lords ability that is bound to the triangle button - but that ability is called the "Knight of the Abyss" in the characters hero information. Couple that with the fact that the burning effect doesn't show on training dummies, and it can be difficult to tell at first what exactly the skill sphere does. Updated 07/29/2016 - Player 2 takes a little longer to load into the tavern, but when player 1 has loaded and is walking around the tavern, player 2's side of the screen still has the loading screen image and it rapidly flashes until they load in. It looks buggy, basically. - There should be more options in the game. Specifically, an option to change camera turn speed etc. (It's a bit too slow for me, personally.) -More loot options. Filters for loot, an automatic loot pickup option & a solution for the loot/jump problem. Updated 07/31/2016 - During matches, too much litter gathers on the floor of the map (green gems, blue gems, coins etc.). I fear this may exacerbate the frame rate issues. Updated 08/03/2016 Version 1.19 for the PlayStation 4 - All health bars, mana bars etc. are not displaying properly - Lagging since the patch (In the form of rubber banding, not frames) ps: There will be more to come in future edits. Also, I can provide video and screenshot evidence for these mentioned bugs & problems upon request, if it would help.
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