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  1. I know you said you don't use AL but, ramsters are just too good not to use.
  2. Does the type changing on the obelisk and volcano effect any major shards for them?
  3. I agree i miss this. Having just come back to the game after a long break that feature made it way easier to find people to help get caught up with
  4. How about actually knowing the percentage the gear is suppose to drop at. OR maybe bonuses for queuing as a group or private?
  5. I have yet to get a perfect 750 yet but i do share this frustration. I have had 2 747 medalions drop and both had terrible passives and worthless stat combinations for the toon i was gearing, Compared to the 680ish one that i got from an onslaught. Whats the point in having end game gear when casual drops give you better passives and stats?
  6. The only change i'm not a fan of is having to do Chrome Enemies. Its not a fun map. To quote someone in another thread, "You can't do anything fun on this map." I agree with this. Unless someone has come up with a fun way to do it? i've been just doing it very plain and boring because that's the only way i could find to complete it.
  7. Well duh the fact that you know what i was saying means you understood it and there is no call for needing to correct it.
  8. Has anyone had luck with a dps medal. It seems the million times i have ran that i only get medals with Dp/DH/DC
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