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  1. NomzoArashi answered most of your questions, but about tips & trick for original 4, well : 1) if you want to play the "easy way", huntress Poison Dart Tower is THE DPS tower at this moment once you have the "Toxic shock" bow. By far. Apprentice can't really compare. 2) monk serenity aura + tinckle passive idle flow is the best crowd control tower at this moment, adding nice DPS too. Frost is broken.
  2. End game content is the same problem for every game , and you'll always find people against the way dev deal with it. Basically, either you implement scaling difficulty, either its fixed challenge. In both systems, end game player will hit a wall. In the first one, it's impossible challenge with max given stuff, after repetitive attempts to push your stuff and skill to limit. Diablo 3 is a good exemple. In the second, it's nothing new to do once you clear/get last patch new content. Fixed difficulty lead you to easily clear every challenge once you get proper stuff. DD2 here. A compromise could be scaling difficulty + scaling stuff? But even here, you create endless farming for +1 stat stuff, which is kind of boring as hell. And to nail the coffin, even when you add new, original, challenging content, end game players clear it way too quickly compared to time needed to create it No solution here, and it's not TE problem.
  3. Say what? How squire and app towers can improve PDT range ? I don't understand how some players can have such PDT range while mine is so short, that would be the key ?
  4. I can classify myself as semi casual, playing between around 5 maps a week, but I played DD1 a lot and I check the forum. And i can defintly tell the game is a joke now. even for me. I remember last time I played, 2 or 3 months ago, NM4 solo was impossible to me with my not so good frosties/trap NM3 stuff. Not played until. Then, I log last week, to check how is the game, same stuff, same strategy ; succeed first and 2nd map in NM4 solo, almost easily (except 3 ogres last wave). Fail other one. Got the famous toxic shok and famous dontrememberthename gloves, both in NM3 with bad random => can almost solo every "classic" map in NM4 now with PDT, traps and SA, 60% success, without dragolich. 90% success with. To me, I think NM4 was/is still hard if you are not aware of the overwhelmingly powerful towers/combo.
  5. IMO, it should be nerfed. I understand people who say "don't nerf it, upgrade what is too weak"... and yes it's better in most case. But come on, +150% hero DPS every 15s ? That can't be right. Either let the +150% and increase CD, or let the CD and reduce the %. And let's say you don't touch it and upgrade anoter pet, what could be as good as +150% heros DPS every 15s? +150% tower DPS every 15s ? Same problem, waaaay too powerful. Plain DPS upgrade will almost always be better in this game, in this state. To me, pets ability should be either weak but spammable, either strong and rarely usable, and it has nothing to do with how easy the game is. It's a gameplay matter, almost a rule for every game, and DD2 isn't an exception.
  6. They change it https://dungeondefenders.com/2/topic/139081/weapon-drop-location-changes-as-of-sept-1st
  7. What is the effect of dragolich again? Improve our DPS for a short time ? I always thought it reduces ennemies defense (though the result is about the same)
  8. 5 questions 1) Can we hope in the future a map with A HELL LOT of monsters in the same time ? 2) Do you think restrictions, like "no blockade", "no hero damage done", even "one class only", or things like that would be a good idea for new map / new challenge? 3) Would a "maze building map" be possible ? 4) Would moving towers be possible ? 5) YOLO feel bad question : is the game profit-making, or at least allowing you to live ?
  9. Even without AL? I mean with all these nerf and so weak towers, the classic characters seem pretty useless now.
  10. Hi, I'm back after several months without playing, cause game was... well you know... uninteresting with endless farming on bugged maps. I see several changes, the main one is that all my stuff is completely out to date. No more frosty, no more hearty. My 4 classic characters - around 600 - seem pretty weak now, and especially as a solo player. I've the feeling that the must have now is the "new" AL ? With old stuff were useful passives were removed, if I want to play again, am I forced to go back to public NM4 to leech and endlessy farm new gear ? Is this game even still playable with the classic one without perfect gear? In solo ? Apprentice towers are weak even in NM3 with full tower DPS stuff, traps are weak without frosty, LA is as useless as usual even with tower DPS stuff, so what ? After 3 or 4 games, I've the feeling that it's pretty unplayable now for me, and that I have to change every piece of gear. Is there a point ?
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