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  1. man this is really confusing.. iv'e just watched my vid from when i've bought something from the store for 2k medals.. ok nwm... this is just wayy ttoo confusing.. thought that was to buy the hero not some random card... +now im -2k medals for something i've bought didn't know what that was for.. (i didn't even see these small text size..)
  2. I've literally had 1 HERO which was apprentice - mage. I went to get another hero which was monk - i didnt know that hero was for free and i've paid 2000 medal for that card... now i should have 5k medals not 3k. How come you said you can't buy the original hero for medals when i've just bought it..
  3. What gotrunks said above ^^ - You might not have needed the extra character slot right away if you just started playing, but don't worry Makczupikczu , you'll be filling up your original 4 slots pretty quickly if you start playing regularly, in which case, your defender medals were not wasted =) The thing is I've bought a FREE hero for medals not knowing they are for free to play... ive literally wasted 2k medals on a free character.
  4. Hi My ingame nickname: Chei2ry I am a new player at DD2 and since I've asked a few (quite a lot) of players about their heroes, gameplay etc. and there was a few heroes to buy for medals or Blue Gems... I've chose and played apprentice till i got level 50 then i thought of getting another hero which was Monk... and I've bought my 2nd Hero - Monk for 2,000 these Bronze medals that you get from Dailies.. Is there a way i could get them back please? (or at least if game developers could put a big red sign that these 4 Heroes are for free and you don't need to buy them). Literally nothing said that i can get them for free, everyone said you have to buy Heroes. Thank you
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