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  1. >MOBA communities are terrible, toxic, and mean.
    >It's a widely accepted consensus.
    >Even those who don't say MOBAs are the worst, often admit they are still very bad.
    >Asking me to support my claims of the MOBA Community being hostile and mean is like asking me to support the claim my sky is blue.
    >normal MOBA communities are toxic and they all share similar, unforgiving mechanics.

    Again, all communities with rabid fandoms experience these issues. You continue to project an agenda of generalities. I could pick any gaming medium and pull up a Google search listing as to why these franchises consist of toxic environments. This point continues to fall on deaf ears with you.

    I'm still confused as to what exactly your end game is with this topic? It's already known that DD2 has been split into two separate entities. Co-op and PvP. They have stated repeatedly that Pvp is for DD fans looking to satisfy a competitive craving. Pvp, player vs player.

    "The free-to-play game will feature a cooperative and competitive mode and is expected to include more story and deeper lore than its predecessor." Source: http://bit.ly/10xsGkv

    Stripping out everything that makes moba appealing is a laughably absurd to me. Moba is a team based game heavily reliant on skill and competition. Human error will cause frustration. Again these elements are ingrained in moba. The moba is obviously nearing a finishing state in its foundation. This can be seen by the released footage. Everything you fear is already set in motion.

    Your points on consumables baffle me as well. The concept of consumable items are probably the most hardcore mechanic presented in a modern moba in a very long time. Loss of items upon death is incredibly appealing. This just ups the competitive stakes.

    Human error is unforgiving.

    Really there isn't a market for another competitive MMO.

    Same could be said for tower defense; but then I'd just be speaking in random generalities wouldn't I?
  2. Wow...

    Your reasoning seems to be mostly barren as to why Dota2 consists of a horrid community, yet you somehow manage to muster up four paragraphs on the very topic. How is this possible? Sounding off with such declarative statements makes you look uninformed and worse, naive. Every community has it's own fair share of blight; your generalities are just supporting a stance that has no foundation to stand on. Speak with facts please.

    Both LoL and Dota2 are some of the most successful properties in every statistical facet that can be measured in today. These games share a rich, diverse, community that most developers dream of obtaining with their own properties. I bet Trendy would like to have these type of problems...

    Instead, they have to put it all on the line in hopes that they break even. They are trying something new with a genre with zero guarantees it'll succeed. And how does this wonderful community that you speak of respond? With pessimism and pretentiousness. Countless threads pledging to never try the moba no matter what Trendy does with the mechanics. Wonderful community indeed...

    I can also think of quite a few games with next to zero market share that consists of nothing but the negative shadow dwellers that you fear so much. These issues plague all gaming communities.

    Your fears about any sort of competitive mode seem... misplaced at best.

    Part of the appeal of a moba is the skill and teamwork required to obtain victory. It's a genre with a high threshold for teamwork. Any game that requires this level of play whether sport or game is going to have its fair share of high stakes, adrenaline thrilled, competition. It's ingrained in moba.

    League of Legends is the most casual moba on the market. You honestly can't get more casual than LoL. It's so simplistic in terms of the genre it puzzles me that you use it as your prime example in doom and gloom competitiveness. This observation alone completely dismantles your casual mode = fun theory.

    I'll be honest, DD2 is going to end up being a competitive game my friend; and that's a wonderful thing.

    If you watch the Total Biscuits video; you can hear them mention about isometric controls. This means DD2 is a third person game with isometric skill. Far from the casual you crave...

    You want the moba to have lasting appeal? Give it matchmaking.
    You want people to care about the game in general? Make statistics a factor.
    You want to Dungeon Defenders 2 to thrive? Make it competitive.

    In the end, lets be honest, the people who invest in the DD2 moba will not be you. It will be the new community that shows up and is very interested in a competitive scene relating to trendy's moba. You're demanding something that you're likely not going to support anyway, and you know it.

    I'm willing to spend the dollars needed to support a thriving competitive DD2 moba scene. Can you say the same?
  3. DD2 on Steam is a must!


    The difficulty in convincing my friends in trying/buying DD2 almost becomes an impossible task to accomplish if it's not on the PC platform known as Steam. They all hang out on Steam. Its become the gaming equivalent of a social network. Steam is now the norm for trying out new PC games.

    The more hurdles you throw at the user, the less likely I'll be able to convince my friends to try DD2.
  4. Discussed my feelings about PvP in another thread in detail...


    Overall the PvP is actually quite solid believe it or not. That being said I strongly feel they need to change the movement/control mechanics into more of a third person based shooter if they want to obtain traction with the public or DD1 fans in any meaningful way.

    Imagine DD1 third person platforming combined with elements of Dota. Money.

    Make it happen Trendy.
  5. So I got my hands on DD2 at Pax East...

    The good...

    - DD2 plays like a moving painting. The Color sets are more precise now and the use of chiaroscuro is better implemented into the models. A huge step up from DD1 which looked like a melted Skittles bag most times.

    - Oils and elixirs offer dynamic combat. Fights/ganks happens in waves now. Which is a good thing.

    - Clean game play. Lag was never an issue.

    - Clean animations. I feel DD2 is the first moba to nail animations. Alotta times in this genre developers embellish attack skills with glows, glares, blurs, etc. Making the player disoriented and lost as to who is attacking who with what. DD2's heroes skills are crisp. The Dev team deserves huge props for getting this right.

    The What Needs to be changed...

    Control and perspective of the hero.

    The Remedy?

    Make it a free-roam third person moba.

    Please make the change Trendy!

    Looking forward to seeing more from the dev team.
  6. ? people like vesper and janitorus are simply calling it like it is, you're clearly a self-righteous a**hole with a holier than thou attitude, and you have troubles acknoledging the fact that your just posting to troll and you didn't start a discussion on how to make the game better you said "screw what we have trendy is incompentent lets start over!"

    And once again the useless loner in their parents' basement is you, since only said subset of people can proclaim to know the societal value of a person through ONE single POST ON THE INTERNET... how bout you stop trying to personally insult people and get back to enjoying your cheetos huh pal?


    ^ attempted self-proclaimed infalibility, made famous by the mintya**hole

    I'm more of a Doritos man.

    For the sake of the topic i'll now be ignoring the four who keep posting for my attention Vesper, janitorus, ceemeeir, and quikassasin0.

    Let's get this topic back on track...

    Whats the news exactly with the upcoming patch? A few have mentioned the idea of server wipe. Was this information posted by the devs?

  7. That said, you claim in the OP that Trendy has turned this game into a tangled mess and at the same time claim that they have learned how not to make a tangled mess. If this game, as it stands now, is beyond repair, what evidence do you have that a sequel would be any different? If you think Trendy isn't competent to fix DD, what makes you think they're competent to make DD2 any better?

    On another note, you seem to be saying that fixing DD is a losing proposition because the player base is leaving and they'd be fixing a game that no one is around to play. If people are so disgusted with DD, what would incentive would they have to drop money a second time for DD2? Admittedly, there are stupid gamers out there (just look at the success of CoD where people buy the exact same game each year at $60 a pop), but I tend to think if your game is so broken that you cannot help but drive away once loyal customers, no sequel stands a chance because you've already left players with a bad taste in their mouths.

    I think you underestimate how many companies reboot a series after having a false start. It's certainly not uncommon and many times, it pays off big. We live in a society where people are always looking to forgive past mistakes.
    And again, the game is technically complete. It may not be most appealing but they finished the game and should just release the last of the dlc and move on. I'll say it again the incentive to fix all the "problems" this game faces just isn't worth the resources/time.

    Why do I think DD2 will be any better? There's a difference between tinkering with a system made and starting with a new smarter system based off an old experience.

    I like how the OP came back to the forums just to troll everyone with stupid suggestions and tired old memes. +3/10

    ....and 3/10 is very original....

    I toss a few crumbs of insight and the cult members on this board come out in droves.

    READ MY ORIGINAL POST. It was an idea, one that many happened to agree with while others tossed out variations
    of that same suggestion.

    EDIT: Damn that rope is short now.

    I really dislike the personal attack route you are going MintyCool

  8. It seems to me that many people enjoy the series like i do and wish to see it brought back to its former glory, while others seem to...

    Well if you say someone has self entitlement issues, you must be right. Right? Because after all you're cool 'n stuff. I'll just slap this quote into my post, because ceemeeir is right. And if I say he's right, he IS right.

    This post is also spot on, because I say so. Problem? (you'll have to imagine the troll face here yourself)

    ....post the above? Nice Insight. What an asset you are to this community....

    Very disappointing...

  9. (inb4 "but quik i said people like ceemeeir!! i didn't blame ceemeeir alone" herp derp so there is a subset of people "like ceemeeir")

    Relax friend. My life is far too busy to immediately reply to a post on a forum that I have not visited in, in weeks. luv u.

    There is NO reason why this game should be ditched because it has some bugs or malfunctions.

    Is nobody familiar with the idea of patches and fixes? Cause over the last few months I've been witness to weeks of content and updates. You won't find me repeating the same hollow minded talking points like the others. Especially when the player base has dropped 65 percent, and the leveling system needs a complete wipe, and hackers still run rampant like the plague.

    Having little to zero player base and broken game mechanics totally gives Trendy the incentive to waste resources on a game fewer and fewer people are playing.


    LOOK LOOK LOOK!!!!, i have found the img link button!!!!!

    I don't think they need to market it as a DD2 but what they need to do comes close enough to it that they could get away with it. The monster balance needs to be retuned from the ground up. The loot system should be redesigned with the entire progression path planned out including thinking ahead to content further down the road - something that wasn't done with the easy-insane gear. The towers need to be completely scrapped and started again. Co-op play needs to be rethought as currently there is little incentive to play co-op and even when you do there are massive problems with the share of workload.

    Sure they could do all that in DD but about the only part of the game that remains is the engine. When it's done would it even qualify as DD anymore? The advantage of making it a separate game is that they can leave the current iteration untouched for those who might prefer some of its quirks. It would also generate new interest in the game compared to what a DLC generates and could draw in new revenue which would be required to undertake the completion of such a large project.

    You are dead on. People keep saying that they need to patch all the fixes need for DD The truth is, the game is technically complete and its best that they start transitioning to DD2 for a fresh start.

    Trendy has little incentive to fix the problems that weigh down the game right now. Most of the player base are in late game mode, so many of the "fixes" that are needed, technically are best placed with a new game and a fresh audience. Not the cretinous gremlins that hang in shops selling me a Crystal Tracker for 50 bucks.

    Setup secure servers, set a bonus xp rate, and start a season 2... problem solved without a need for a whole new game

    Trendy had little incentive to do what you just suggested. The player base has dwindled to only around 5k. (if that now) The majority of the player base is the elite who obtain e-peen jollies knowing that no one else has the broken gear/pets that they have.

    Which in the end means adding these balance changes is pointless... why balance a game when only the elite are still playing?

    The game has been patched enough for people to have an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

    The LAST thing I think Trendy should do with DD is just shovel the rest of the new Eternity Crystal DLC out and be done with this game for good.

    Move on, it's time for DD2.

    Stop deluding yourselves with naive comprehensions of a restoration.

    EDIT: Rope is getting shorter.
  10. While I agree that DD is off the track... lets not pull a valve here and make everyone repay for what they were told they'd get when buying the orignal.. what you're suggesting is for trendy to just give up and instead of improve what theyve got, release and resell what they already have... all the changes you just suggested don't require a new game, they require a fresh start, but christ you may aswell ask for them to go "oops all our servers crashed and your chars are gone, were gonna stoneage this and try again"

    lets try to be a little more rational than "oh hey trendy this sucks, dont bother improving it just start over"

    You could have simply said I don't want to spend money on DD2.

    Going to highlight this.

    Wow, I forgot how many HIGHLY EDUCATED FRIENDLY members roam the DD forums, it's....Cute.

    Assets are reused all the time in games. I don't really understand your point because, to "improve what they got" would simply be to continue down the same road they've been headed in for months now. They supported the game. Technically it's complete.

    It amazes me to see people like ceemeeir and quikassasin0. The self-entitled attitudes you both carry is simply revolting. Trendy owes you nothing. You purchased a working product from Steam. This purchase/contract with the seller begins and ends with that content you installed on day one.

    They didn't have to update anything after release. They did anyways just to appease people like ceemeeir by retooling the loot system to expand late game content. The same content that has completely corrupted the game.

    I'm not against late game content, but the way it was implemented failed. Hacking and balancing have made this game a total wreck.

    In the end ceemeeir (I apologize for targeting on you, but you happen to be the perfect example to use) you're pretty much saying, "No Mint! I don't want a new iteration of the game where the frequent unfixable problems could be solved, where new content ideas, and better balancing can be implemented. Instead I'm going add on to my 1k plus posts and continue to complain about balancing, hacks, and glitches till the end of time."

    Everything I said is rational. They fixed the balancing systems the best they could, time to move on instead of repeating the same pattern week after week.

    Start fresh or your player base will end up being people who sell hacked items to... I guess no one soon.

    Have a great night! :)

    EDIT: I would strongly suggest that you dont re-edit again.
  11. During summer 2011, which winter blockbuster titles were on your radar? Arkham City? Skyrim?

    At the time, DD wasn't even on the map for me. Honestly, it was a friend that introduced me to DD. I was hesitant at first, but figured I'd give it a shot. It's throwaway title that I'll probably play for a few hours...

    ....800 hours later, I was hooked. The game was truly refreshing. It became my most played game of 2011 and I had a blast with it.

    With all that said, it's time to bury Dungeon Defenders and release DD2 for an October 2012 release.

    Why release a DD2....

    - You now have a better idea on how to implement balance. The tangled web of balance in DD is unfriendly and poorly implemented.

    - Honestly, The hacking in DD right now is inexcusable especially since the game is built around a Diablo loot mentality. You need to start fresh. Create a better server setup so item hacking aps are harder to use in the game. It's so simple to hack at the moment its ridiculous.

    NOTE: These two issues alone should be enough to justify a new release. What is happening with DD now is the equivalent to muddying up a painting. You just continue to add more and more slop to cover mistakes that just becomes more unpleasant to look at, or in DD's case play.

    - No more PVP. Add more PVE maps instead. PVP was a nice attempt but unless you start using dedicated servers, there is no point in even wasting resources with this mode.

    - Wearable armor, Customization is huge with these types of games. You should take the time and implement armor that updates the heroes look in real time.

    - Winnable costumes, different than armor, this would be worn over the armor you have equipped.

    - More weapons! You'll be able to reuse weps from DD as well as expand the roster.

    - Port over all maps and reuse assets to create more interesting maps.

    - Spend time to fix the many errors that people repeatedly keep dealing with. One major one would be the deletion of all heroes glitch.

    - You already have a library of weps, pets, and map assets. Bring them into DD2 and design more.

    Starting fresh and building upon the core fundamentals is honestly the only way to go in my opinion. I have stopped playing the game for a few weeks now and feel this is the only legitimate solution to fixing the many issues that are in DD. The game was great; it still can be great if you just start fresh.

    Make it happen Trendy.
  12. I'll be honest, when I heard of Nightmare mode I assumed this dlc was simply going to more the the same. You know, drop some auras and get ready for some dps huntress. Time to go pro kids.

    So I load up Nightmare glitter and was in for a rude awakenin. I got my *** beat. I realized quickly my sexy elf does no damage, and I lost wave one. So I've continued to give it a go and I just wanted to say....

    ...Trendy you nailed this mode, its fun and fresh! It makes you appreicate the tower heavy classes. It's a new spin on an old style.

    - Figuring out ways to cover my tracks so spiders dont attack towers is a interesting puzzle all in it's own.

    - I forgot how much fun it was to actually expiriment new ideas! I've had that eureka factor for more than a few times as I continue to hone in my stratedgy.

    - The only thing I would mention is loot drops seem to be very off balence. I've yet to see anything worthwhile to pick up yet.

    All in all great ****ing job. You guys deserve a Wonka Bar.
  13. Sitting here taking a look at pimp suits, waiting for the DLC to be launched....

    Trendy should really give the APP something like this:

    or maybe this:

    still looking for something with more fur, animal print is established pimp status of course....

    Oh well in the meantime here go get your pimp name:

    While already pimp, I tried it anyways and got:
    "Reverend MacPimpin Shizzle"

    Triple Pimp Status :D

    I'm currently preying to every deity I know that you get hit by a truck. This way I don't have to read your narcissistic, feeble-minded posts anymore.

    Ye, I'm an uplifter.
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