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  1. So what heros are currently being used the most and with what kind of builds? Because I played a tower Squire and am finding that my Apprentice is already doing better in tower damage. I haven't played since when it was first released so I am used to playing when Monk's boost aura was op. But, what is being played now since I don't want to spend time on a hero that will feel lackluster in the end.
  2. So I recently started playing DD2 again since I like Tower Defense games which I can solo, but I find myself having a hard time with which one of these 2 characters is the best for overall dps. I stopped using my tower squire since his towers suck now and switched over to the AL archers because there frikin op. Oh and also using Monk for those nice boost and lightning auras. Squire is mainly for blockades. Don't really touch Apprentice since AL is stupidly good for tower damage aka Archers. But, what do people think between these divas for best dps all around.
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