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  1. It happened again tonight... thanks Obama
  2. * AP/HD Apprentice w/ Storm Helm and Armageddon Staff is a blast. Infinite Starlight Burst gets silly.
  3. I had a good laugh, nice to know I wasn't going crazy when I saw it
  4. lol, I need a higher active hero ipwr :(
  5. I was gonna run some Harbinger to help a friend level their new character...and this pops up. I had a good laugh, is this something new?
  6. Got this bad boy doing Harbinger on NM4. Think this is what they're gonna look like? Or will some kind of txt/passives show up on it sometime?
  7. One day renaming will come. Also at one day i deleted 30+ maxed heroes to sort and rename them... I am at 50+ again :_D BUT they are in order now, except one squire. That would be so much easier to do now if the XP spheres weren't screwed up :/
  8. That would be very very helpful, especially for idiots like me who have 3 and 4 of the same character just different passives on each, lol. Renaming them would also be wonderful :) Expose thine bosom or begone!
  9. Thank you very much! She's gonna get a big head with all these compliments! Lol Thank you!!!! :)
  10. Thanks, she had a blast doing it :). I was unaware that it was bugged. Its only to do w/ a sphere? Or only when it hits the rollers? Because I'm getting really bad numbers when I fight the rollers atm.
  11. I was very sick when I recorded the video, my wonderful GF finished it for me. The GW Spheres got messed up and listed as the Huntress's spheres, the correction is here: http://imgur.com/a/Q0a3Z I'm still working on other characters to take on the Siege Roller, but for now this is what I got :). Big Boy Passive EV, Slam Monk and others will be coming out soon :)
  12. If Beez count as projectile towers, then I'm in :) 
  13. Apparently you have to vote in order to get things fixed. Please go here and vote for this to be fixed
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