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  1. You know, the word 'Bender' doesn't make sense with all of it.. Other than that it Rhymes.. I just don't understand the significance. But I'm not about to clash with the world of fanfiction, really.
  2. Oh, and Noemmi, that was the cutest video I have ever seen O: AND your avatar! Oh thank you! I know~! I always watch that video to cheer myself up. My Avvy is from Pop'n Music if you were wondering. But on topic, I don't think they will charge for the Gender Swap DLC personally. They have had a good track record of letting minor releases be free after-all. Though that depends on how different these characters are.
  3. @Bernkastel Yes, I notice this now. But it still makes the point that the Steam website is still a bit fuddled. Skyrim 'Unititialized'? It doesn't make sense, is all I'm saying.
  4. Your all being too serious, not even a cotton ball doggy to cheer you up? Regardless, I see a bunch of 'Uninitialized' on the screen, so I would imagine it's steam trying to sort everything out. Edit: ROFL @ Mondai's Piccy
  5. I don't know I just found it here. It looks like the whole Thanksgiving DLC is gonna be about $10!! Teehee.
  6. There is always going to be hacking in every game I guess. I'm actually surprised it isn't more wide-spread for a game that connects open modding to online ranked so closely. Regardless, for someone who hacks, are you really willing to take the risk for a VAC ban? I suppose we need to give it to those who apparently have hacked, an extra 15 dollars for each time they get caught! Huu, it's still a problem, I'm just being positive.
  7. They said it was all in the thanksgiving patch. Which should be today..! I am excited.
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