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  1. We do know of the issue and are looking into it. We haven't been able to fully pinpoint the issue but it's looking related to the Steam client that is having problems. There are some other Steam multi-player games that started running into issues like we've seen at the same time we did. Hopefully we can get this fixed for you as soon as possible because I know how annoying this bug can be. Thanks for the reply IceArrow!
  2. My husband and I are having pretty much the same problem with a little twist. We are both on the same router, in the same house. Only one of us can connect to games/matches at a time. Neither of us could join each others privately/publicly hosted games. Always said 'Connection to host time out.' We couldn't even play online through the non-TrendyNet option. Only conclusion I could come to in our particular situation was that for some reason Dungeon Defenders won't allow us both to play on TrendyNet or LAN. Been having multitudes of these kinds of messages and I've only had this game for a
  3. My friend and I can't even join each others games. It just says 'Connection to Host timed out'. It was working just fine before this patch! It's very unusual, for both of us, when we try to join each others game, it freezes the hosts screen when that person is trying to connect. Then it goes back to normal but still wont allow us to join. How frustrating.
  4. I just bought it! While it shows up that it's $1.99 on steam, just before you check out it turns to the correct number, $1.49. See for yourself!
  5. I think I'm in favor of not having to stick to certain minions in order to survive in nightmare, I like the versatility instead of worrying about Djinn's snuffing out my minions without a fight because I didn't want to have 4 archers.. As for the issue with them 'fleeing' it doesn't break the de-summon beam at all. They will follow that minion, so unless you want to run that minion back to your defenses any time a Djinn decides to unsummon, it becomes problematic. (Which also isn't easy when there can be lines of enemies in the way on that path back.) While it is possible for them to program i
  6. You guys are great, the constant content keeps me happy! Despite a bit of criticism you see on the forums, there are so many players out there who appreciate the hours and hours (and counting) of fun you've given us!
  7. Isn't that just using the split-screen option?
  8. Oh, I just noticed the Patch Notes. Thank you very much Trendy for listening! I hope that will solve the issue.
  9. This has become a constant problem for me after the most recent patch. It wasn't an issue when 7.28 first was released. However the subsequent two have broken Harpoons immensely at certain points. Extremely often, (City in the Cliffs & Glitterhelm) My Harpoons are firing right underneath the Wyverns! Completely missing them and giving them free roam to smash the crystal. This seems to happen mainly with Wyverns that come from upwards, messing up the angle perhaps. If my words aren't enough, here are some Photos of about the 30+ I took of them just barreling through and not getting hit at a
  10. I'm also having the same Issue. I can't create a Private or Public game. However for some reason I can still join others, does that still mean steam is down..?
  11. This game makes me dizzy too, I hear you. Specially with my countess.. but before you push yourself to the limit next time, be careful. Your health is MUCH more important than this silly game!
  12. I'm not getting anything yet ;_; Try to click play on Steam, Disrespecting. -Flails arms around like crazy-
  13. whoa wall of text. and no one has stated it's free or not. no comfirmation. false until proven other wise But, it's only 185 words! And I counted... See all the things I do to take up time while we wait for some confirming! Ahee..
  14. I get it now! The first 'Pay' DLC was going to happen eventually, we were sure of it. However up till this point much content has all been free! And that means.. within all this DLC mishaps from Big, Evil companies. Milking the poor consumer by taking their money for little content.. Being attacked with $60 big name PC games.. When all Trendy wants to do is give a little something extra. $5 per-chance. But alas, the community is not used to this 'paying DLC' business out of our glorious Dungeon Defenders.. yet we will think.. we will think about all that has been provided to us in the past.
  15. Sorry dear, that's not a picture of the universe. :p Boo, It seems you are correct.
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