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  1. We need events to be added back, like for example the Carnival. Adding Events and even monthly challenges back would make the game more fun. Xbox users have the Carnival map added but the rest doesn't? The game has a lot of potential, and it would be cool to see interactions with NPC for Certain Tasks and such.
  2. Keeping Chaos type in just a certain mode would be alright. But it would be better if they just kept elemental enemies instead.
  3. In Dungeon Defenders 2 we got introduced to Chaos Enemies such as Geodes and Cyborks. As we know these enemies added some challenge to the game but also took away some freedom and fun. I have mixed opinions about these enemies. Will they return in Dungeon Defenders Awakened? Since DDA will be like DD1, i feel like they won't be returning. If so what are your thoughts?
  4. Would be cool to have boss rush again, or at least something similar.
  5. Yes i have tried, i used the glitch that lets you go under the map (The guy posted it above) and no luck. i was right under the chests and tried all.
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