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  1. Hopefully I'm not speaking out of turn here - but we're aware of the lag in influence votes over the last couple weeks and figuring out some better/more engaging ones - they won't go to waste!
  2. Curious if Devstream64 answers some of these lingering questions re: difficulty and the role of the upcoming campaign changes in supporting a more vibrant endgame. Yes, many of the features are - on the surface - aimed at folks who haven't finished that campaign. That said, we're betting on a larger player base making the game better for everyone AND we're hoping once it launches the campaign will be engaging and difficult enough that end-game folks will have more to munch on (Haddad referenced a lot of this on the Devstream today). At the very least it'll make getting to level 50 with all your heroes a lot more engaging and reduce the feeling of grinding. It ALSO lays the foundation for all the other stuff (strategic revamp) that'll make everything even more engaging for yall. Also - know I'm a"PR shill" - but I promise many of us here are endgame players ourselves AND listen to/consider the endgame player in many of our decisions. We know you're our heart - and we're listening and doing our best to make sure the foundations are addressed with some surprises and awesomeness along the way. - Benny (to blame)
  3. Here's the freshly posted YouTube link (sorry, we got a bit behind!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9Dv7Yr1pMw And this twitch link seems to work for me: https://www.twitch.tv/trendyent/v/83246722 - Benny
  4. Hopefully this latest devstream started to answer some of the issues you guys had. We're nowhere near done yet tho, we're actively trying new things and ditching stuff when it gets old and/or I break it. Please keep the feedback coming (might start a new thread...)
  5. Sorry if we didn't get to your questions this time - you can blame me, as always. I'll try to hassle Isom for some answers when he gets back. Kiss you miss you, Benny
  6. We'll likely change about every two weeks, if what I'm hearing is correct. :D Thanks for the feedback. Pumped about that HoE update on Tuesday tho. It's really going to plow your mind.
  7. The sound issues will hopefully be fixed next time - honestly I'm just a loud dude and I think that's a major part of it. :D I want to figure out a way to do this that's productive and informational, but also doesn't cause chaos or confusion. Truth is, we're building this plane as we take-off, so sometimes (often) bugs happen - but I get how it might be frustrating to feel like long-standing things are going unanswered. Thanks for the feedback, you giving me a personal challenge to try an figure out. Any other devstreams you know do bug-updates particularly well? #SquadGoals Thanks for the feedback so far, keep it coming! These sorts of fundamental, structural changes are something I want to look into - but it'll take time to figure out what works and what doesn't. This feedback helps tho, thanks. Keep it coming folks.
  8. Howdy folks: Benny here - replacement devstream host and Extraord-Uh-niare. Hoping to get your feedback on Devstreams and what you're looking for out of them. Any and all feedback (even mean) is welcome. Can't guarantee we'll implement what you request, but trust that we'll be reading all this feedback and we'll try out some new things moving forward (maybe even starting with our Lavamancer reveal in a couple weeks). Some questions to get you thinking if you're not already typing off a list of 20 recommendations: - What's been your favorite Devstream ever? Why? - What do Devstreams do that you hate? - What do Devstreams do that you love? - What are you hoping for/expecting when you watch us on Twitch? Try to keep this focused on the Devstream itself, not the game. Gracias, Benny
  9. I figured he wasn't...it was just funny to hear. lol I'm sure he was nervous being on the stream for the 1st time! Alternative, I KNEW someone was playing a drinking game and I did it all on purpose... mua ha ha ha ha. (No, but really, it was just nerves - I'll do better, uh, next time.)
  10. Oh I have an alternative plan for the next devstream to stop saying it... I WAS NERVOUS! IM SORRY! :*
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