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  1. If will play with him for a year then yes, otherwise you can drop only slighty better gear than current wearing.... Only can get shards of c7 .
  2. What is the point of "ready" button for public games? Many times people join public games and press ready instantly on build phase(yeah won't build in time). Other situation is when you play just to farm shards/medals/gold and there is so many times, that someone press ready after long time, but is not doing anything important. Many players can say play private but then what is the point of multiplayer game.
  3. Ofc the voting system is the worst, ascension limit is bugging(at least for xbox), people ignore game names, just join quick chaos games if they see a slot, You can't kick them, only way is just left map, play private or just quit.
  4. You are not truly defenders at all. What's your problem with orcs getting over wall? Upgrade your strategy. It would be too easy game without this orc ablity.
  5. Sorry, it's about controller vibrations. Sadly there is nothing to force it from xbox settings so only way is to do it by Trendy.
  6. Vibrations in this game is the most annoying thing.... Will be there any patch in future to allow us to disable it?
  7. I have also noticed some lags by last days. Not sure if my network or just dd2 servers. But many times i notice this by jumping.
  8. Do you have 1-2 range shards(deadly strike from c3)? Easiest is cannonballs + pdt Also you can try to purchase chaos 6 shards pack to get shard for poison dart tower PDT setup: https://dd2tools.com/shards/destruction/ Cannonball: You can put geyser trap(critical relic) before each wall so you can easy stay there and clear line/fight assasins
  9. Some crashes turned into endless loading with new path....
  10. No for trading at all. Jump from hard to c7 gear for new players? Never!
  11. You need to be lvl 50. Open inventory, go to left side (LB or LT) - there is ascension button. You setup points there.
  12. I keep use on main character items with best selll value(usually golden) seems to work..
  13. As topic, how do kill or get rid of new monster at chaos 5? It keeps jump on my back and kill my hunter ::
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