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  1. I'm trying to contain my laughter but I just cant do it, Hom-Sha-Bom you just made my day and you deserve a medal!
  2. Not sure if its been commented on or if any one has actually noticed but in the barrel next to the Wayfarer a Starfury is just happily sitting there on display, will it be available to use or is it just there for the hell of it?
  3. The dryad is underwhelming as a builder but great as a DPS class. Love the new map, the water on the waterfall seems to run in the opposite direction from the back. You gave us a new npc that sells some of the silliest weapons from Terraria yay, but you really have to work on their rolls. Stacking items, good job! Will Vials be allowed to stack beyond 99? The change to loot was a gigantic surprise slap in the face, yes we get it it'll make more sense in a future update but why not leave it till then instead of ticking off your player base now?
  4. Will you give us the ability to change our character names and alter their order in the list of heroes? (I think someone already asked about changing the order of the heroes) Uber Spheres are a joke considering their effectiveness vs their cost (Elemental Chaos is the exception). At some point will you increase their damage output or make them cheaper? Ev2's Proton Beams and the Gunwitch's Two at Twice the Price are staple towers/abilities for their respective classes, with that said will you add Spheres for them to either change what they do/how they work or make them better? When will the
  5. I still find it funny that I physically asked the question on the stream and was told that you would get it but only with a new character so like the OP I brought the mystic and went through the campaign. I cant remember which mod answered (not that it matters) so thanks for the info regardless of the bad news.
  6. The new incursion is good fun once you figure it out however pets attacking the Altar Assassins takes them out of their stunned state (when using Assassins bell) which is incredibly annoying, was this intended or an oversight?
  7. Unfortunately it still isn't fixed, still no new daily quests. Daily quests have started back up again, yay :)
  8. Do you have any plans to add passives for or change the Squire now that the Lavamancer's Maw of the Earth Drake outclasses Spike Blockade? (with the exception of its DU cost) With regards to incursions and the special weapons they can drop will the Abyss Lord, Series EV2, Gunwitch and Lavamancer also have some weapons added to the table? Will you at any point add some cool looking weapons for the Series EV2, Gunwitch and Lavamancer? I get the whole function over form argument but something that looks awesome as well would be most appreciated :D I have never been able to put down 3 Fissures
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