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  1. What it's good at is being a really good overall weapon that doesn't abuse what may be potential bugs like Hammer 1 does and doesn't suffer from accuracy loss at range like Double Tap. If they do determine the Snipe spheres bonus interactions as unintended and that goes away, it won't be so powerful anymore. Nothing more nothing less.
  2. Don't forget about the accuracy trade-off. I'd fully expect an inacurrate shotgun spread to be better dps at point blank than a highly accurate rapid fire gun in a videogame. That shotgun dps falls off pretty quick when bullets aren't hitting their target though.
  3. "The Ghost of DPS" feels like there's some deep meaning behind it lol.
  4. Bundles should have ATTRACTIVE prices -_- $30 can buy a lot of stuff yo. For ice reskins, despite the amount of effort they make take, should have been $10 as a bundle. Add some gems or something and the price could go up some. Remember, the goal isn't to drain current players dry but to convince more and more people to play and buy them. New players see those prices and only assume bad things. Picked up Lavamancer skin because that one is genuinely cool. The rest actually FEEL like retextures. The fact you've bailed on accessories helps none.
  5. Idk. The game doesn't teach you a whole lot during the Campaign either. It's been proven in other games that games that provide people with a way to fast track new/alternative characters to end game have a better retention rate. You can keep pushing to male the game as brutal as possible, but you gotta be consumer friendly or people will just go play one of the many hundred other options out there. I love DD2 and it's one of my games of choice, but I have definitely bailed on a lot of games I was only curious about because of unnecessary grinds. I'm sure DD2 is one of those games for a lot
  6. I don't have the update yet but it sounds like they may have overtuned its spawn frequency so people can experience it. I'm hoping it eventually slides down in a new category of infrequent spawns that are a headache whenever they DO appear once more have been added. If it spawns a lot, then it directly impacts how you build no questions asked. If it MAY spawn every now and then from a pool of many potential candidates and you just have to react to it when it's coming, it would be more exciting.
  7. Temper expectations though. They even stated on the last stream this is ONE enemy of many coming, and it probably won't shake up the game to an insane amount. I personally expect this to slightly modify how you approach the map, but on its own won't change too too much, but when it's combined with numerous changes coming, it'll be overall a big shake up.
  8. Most games I've played in recent years don't even give the option anymore. Once the map is over, it's back to HUB. I'd honestly be ok with that over the current voting system if those were my only choices.
  9. So according to that video, Gobus have serious substance abuse issues.
  10. They are currently revamping the end game finally. We're in a state of wait and see what they announce. I do like Diablo 3's endless rift system, but going that route does raise a concern for me. In D3, the general game balance was destroyed in favor of balancing heroes and enemies with each patch with rift progression in mind, which in turn completely trivialized everything else. I still play it now, but much less frequently, and the game is completely effortless outside of rifts. I want other things of merit to do that don't require me to just start fresh again, but I don't see that happen
  11. I'm actually totally glad build timers are gone lol. If they get added as an optional modifier when those come, sure, but those usually hurt my fun more than helped. I didn't like the mandatory pacing... At least not in solo play.
  12. I miss the initial impression the game gave. Was very different than anything I'd played before, but that's something you can only remember fondly lol. Aside from that, vanity stuff like the Tavern trophies and color picking.
  13. Hornets have been one of my go tos lately for sure. They're crazy good and since upgrading atm is low priority, it makes it great for lazy planning lol
  14. I love the guys that make Extra Credits. As long as the goal is to make all towers viable, and the challenge is finding a combination that works for you without stripping the fun ideas from the game, that's fine.
  15. I'm waiting to hear about itemization changes, as the knowledge loot is changing but no info on HOW has completely halted my playtime of this. Genuinely feels like total waste of time wading around in the dark. Annnnd... Sorry, this is your official forum/website. Effectively telling us we're in the wrong place for info isn't totally cool lol. I stopped watching streams after burning out on setting aside that time only to have devs simply say "we can't talk about anything you want to know stay tuned!" anyway.
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